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Mining Easy Mod for Minecraft PE

With Mining Easy Mod, you have a chance to get valuable items such as iron, gold, diamonds, etc. This mining process is quite easy in a surprisingly short time. Basing on the types of ores you find, there is a change in the text when you walk around. Therefore, if you are looking for a good way of mining treasures, this mod is an ideal option.

Founded by: MrElectric

How to Play Mining Easy Mod

Pay attention to the center of the screen. There is a text message that provides the necessary information about valuable ores. You need to walk a little bit to find out the diamonds. The ores are underneath you, and you must dig down to own them.

There is no need of digging the way to the source of ores. Teleporting there is so easy by typing X-Commands (/teleport <x> <y> <z>). However, in survival, you should avoid doing this. It helps protect you from suffocating when spawning inside stone blocks.

Notice: You need to use the latest BlockLauncher beta for working on the version 0.15+!


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