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Minimap PE Mod for Minecraft PE 0.14.0/0.15.0

Finally, something that should have been added to the game in the first place, something that we shouldn’t have to mod to get. The Minimap PE Mod adds a minimap to the screen, which is included in almost every game except for Minecraft. It is only the first beta of the mod so in terms of functionality, it is quite limited. It can detect only the closest range of blocks. It proves to be most useful, especially when mining, as it will detect most ores and display them on the minimap.

How does the Minimap PE Mod work?

Once you have spawned in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition, a minimap will appear in the top left corner of your screen. Right now, there’s nothing that can be done with the minimap other than looking at it. You can’t zoom it on it, change its color, move it, remove it, etc. But something might be tweeked out in the near future. Subscribe to MCPEbox.com to know when it happens.

It detects most blocks (that are not modded) but there are still some features missing. Trees, snow, and mobs cannot be displayed on the minimap. But hey, that would be too Over-Powered.

minimap pe mod

It works underground as well, it will display all the ores that are within your standing level.

minimap pe mod

The thing can’t detect plants and trees though. But given that this is only the first beta, I can see this being fixed in the not-so-distanced future.

minimap pe mod

Installation Guide

  1. Download the zip file using the link that will be given further down this page.
  2. Use ES File Explorer (or any other file manager) to extract the zip file.
  3. Move the Minimap-Images folder to /sdcard/games/com.mojang/
  4. Use BlockLauncher to install the js script.

Download link for the Minimap PE Mod


All credit goes to Innsbluck