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Minesweeper Mod for Minecraft PE 0.11.1

Minesweeper Mod will bring you a graphic user interface which allows you to play Minesweeper.it is a classic game in the century ago.

Everyone also knows about BillGates.He is the richest person in the world.And he is a fan of Minesweeper.Like the classic Minesweeper game, on GUI will have a lot of blocks.To create GUI, you  type the command: /minesweeper. They include red blocks, Lapis lazuli blocks, black blocks and gold blocks.All blocks also have features that indicate how many mines are neighbouring.Your mission is clear the blocks in hope to avoid all mines.It will not be as simple as you might think

Minesweeper Mod
Minesweeper Mod

Block Explanations

  • Bedrock = Mine
  • Stone = Empty
  • Redstone block = 1 mine near you
  • Lapis lazuli block = 2 mines near you
  • Gold block = 3 mines near you



Minesweeper Mod


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