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MineGolf | Minigame Map for MCPE 0.15.0/0.14.0

MineGolf is a minigame map where you play golf that is kind of mini. There are eight miniature golf courses in this map. The next course is more difficult than the last with more challenging obstacles. Grab a golf ball from a chest and start playing. You can even play with and compete against your friends. Post your scores down at the comment section below and complete embarrass the guy before you!

All credit goes to marcusogarte2

How to play MineGolf?

At the start of each golf course there is a chest with some golf balls. They are snowballs, but they look like golf balls, so that is good enough. Anyway, take a golf ball from the chest and then stand behind the dark green line and then drop the ball (hold down your finger on the item in your hotbar to drop it) to make your shot.


If your golf ball missed the hole, that is a hopper, then you will have to go to the ball and pick it up and throw it again from its current state. Keep track of your scores by yourself. When you have completed all 8 holes, calculate your scores and post it here for everyone to see.



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