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Pigeon Man skin for Minecraft PE

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Crazy pigeon with a red cape.

“Pigeon Man” is an outcast who prefers to be around pigeons than with the people of the city. Although now he is an outcast, Pigeon Man had “people friends” during his childhood, and even went to PS 118 with Ms. Slovak, Arnold’s first 4th grade teacher. Also, he enjoys pizza but has never heard of pineapple pizza.

After some kids destroyed his home he decided to find somewhere else to live. Calling his pigeons he had them all latch onto hooked cords on his cloths and lift him letting him fly. As he left he told Arnold how to take care of his pet pigeons, and hoped wherever he ends up, there will be someone like Arnold.[/box]


Pigeon Man skin for Minecraft PE
Pigeon Man skin for Minecraft PE




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