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Zombie Village/Jungle Temple Near Ice Spike/Jungle Combo and More!

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With this 1.13 Minecraft Bedrock jungle seed, you spawn on the edge of a Jungle.

Go straight forward a little while, and you’re able to locate the Village close into an Ice Spike/Jungle combo! Turn left at the time and then go straight to discover the Jungle Temple fused to a Zombie Village!

Furthermore, in the event you research round the Ice Spike biome, you’ll discover an Igloo with a Basement underneath it. Additional this is additionally a Ravine nearby the Ice Spike biome with an exposed Zombie Dungeon which is likely to be soon simple to become a grinder.

Last, I included coordinates to two Zombie Dungeons fused if you wished to produce a faster XP grinder (or convert it directly to some Drowned farm).

Overview of Bedrock world



Spawn:184, 77, 4
Zombie Village/Jungle Temple:  555, 68, 60

Ice Spike/Jungle combo:  350, 72, 175
Village on riverbank near above combo:  150, 70, 200

Zombie Dungeon in exposed Ravine:
155, 37, 412

Igloo with Basement:
355, 70, 357

Double Zombie Dungeon with lots of great loot:
10, 47, 84


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Seed ID


Seed in word form: HOMEGITCOW


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