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Triple Village Fused to Mesa Mineshaft Seed

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After spawning with this seed for minecraft pe sand village, you will spawn near the Mesa Biome. There is a Flower Forest in front of you. In case you turn back, you will see the Mesa Bryce Biome.

There is a Triple Village when you walk along the Mesa Biome’s border on the right. They include a Zombified Plains Village, a Plains Village, and a Desert Village. The Mesa Mineshaft appears in the Zombified Village’s edge.

Creator: TelepathicGrunt

List of Coordinates

• The coordinates for spawning are 4 64 24
• The coordinates of Flower Forest are 120 64 60
• The coordinates of Mesa Bryce are 0 68 -200
• The coordinates of Triple Village are 190 65 -500
• The coordinates of Mesa Mineshaft are 250 64 -565
• The coordinates of Normal Mineshaft are 230 40 -540
• The coordinates of Blacksmith Village are 250 70 -25

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The ID of Triple Village Fused to Mesa Mineshaft Seed

• 1526565007
• AimsKitsOS is its Seed ID


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