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Stronghold, Villages, Outposts, Bamboo Jungle

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This Minecraft PE jungle seed has loads of structures and many biomes within a thousand blocks of spawn! There is so much to explore and see in this world!

When you spawn in this sweet seed, you will see a Giant Tree Taiga to your left, a Jungle to your right, and a Shattered Savanna forward of you! If you go straight forward from spawn, you can find a Ravine with an exposed Fossil in it and a Desert Village and Pillager Outpost nearby. Keep going straight and you’ll come across a Plain Village with a Stronghold under its well. Past this village is a Mushroom biome as well! 

If you go left from spawn into the Jungle, you should come across a very pretty Bamboo Jungle. And if you go behind spawn instead, you can find a Taiga Village squeezed between a Jungle, Flower Forest, and Giant Tree Taiga biomes!

Lastly, if you’re feeling adventurous and willing to walk a bit, travel forward and to the left from spawn in that diagonal direction. You will find a very interesting spot where there is a Jungle Temple, Village, and Pillager Outpost around a Swamp/Jungle Edge biome!  

Enjoy this seed and if you get lost, check out the overview map of the world at bottom of this post!

Coordinates for v.1.11.x

Giant Tree Taiga/Jungle Spawn:508, 71, 12

Jungle/Shattered Savanna: 600, 80, 200 

Pillager Outpost near Ravine with Fossil: 500, 69, 400 

Desert Village: 550, 63, 550

Shipwreck in Coral Reef: 217, 60, 983

Plains Village with Stronghold under well: 580, 65, 930

Bamboo Jungle Biome: 900, 70, 0

Taiga Village near Flower Forest: 730, 75, -340

Extra Coordinates


Mushroom Biome: 500, 64, 1190

Jungle Temple next to large Jungle Edge biome: 1200, 71, 650

Plains Village/Swamp next to Pillager Outpost: 1430, 65, 500

Overview of world

Another jungle seed:

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