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Insane MCPE Seed with 2 Villages, Diamond

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This Minecraft PE diamond seed will let you explore two villages, one of which is a desert village. There are three ravines along with some entrances to a large mine, an intersection with a stronghold plus surface diamonds, gold, and other ore.

Join me in exploring this seed.

First, from the spawn point, turn left and go straight to the coordinates (883, 99, 87) you will see the first village. What is special is that this village is quite large.

Behind the village there is a ravine, under this ravine at coordinates (818, 14, 160) you will see five diamond blocks for easy mine.

There are also many exciting things waiting for you to explore, such as some entrances to a large mine, diamonds, gold, and other ore. There are many things to do.

The second ravine near this village is located at coordinates (1062, 95, 34)

From the first village position, move to the left of the map. You will see the desert biome. In this biome, there is a second village at coordinates (632, 92, 112).

Near this village, there is a ravine. The ravine has a cool zig-zag pattern made from the lava which is pouring out of its walls. There is not an entrance to the underground features, but there is some ore to check.

Not far away at coordinates (681, 79, 259), there is a desert temple (pyramid).

In this seed, there are many more interesting things waiting for you to discover. If anything else is found please share it with us by commenting on the coordinates in this article.

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Seed Number:2048971879
Minecraft:Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On:Minecraft PE 1.12 (Bedrock)


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