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Far Away Woodland Mansion Seed for Minecraft PE

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Spawning in roofed oak forests, this seed comes with the special structure for gamers to discover. There are 2-3 floors and plenty rooms in the mansion, in which some of rooms are well hidden. You need to use the version 1.1.0 or higher version to enjoy this seed.

Created by: StarkTMA

The best way to get to the mansion

Follow our guides to get to the mansion in a simple way. We are going to give you text guides, images and video to support you.

Once you are spawned, you should turn around, go straight and turn left the savannah biome. The details are described as the followings.

It takes you a short time to find a big birch forest. Go straight until you reach a certain place as in the following image.

Soon, there is a change between the birch forest and the oak forest. You will see a river here. Your task is following the river, not crossing over it.

When you see a big plains biome, cross over it and you will land on a swamp biome.

After reaching a lake of the swamp biome, you will meet the Woodland Mansion. Enter its entrance from the other side of the mansion.

It is easy to recognize that the Woodland Mansion looks unique with randomized rooms inside. It makes you feel curious to discover.

Be careful with fierce villagers in the mansion. They tend to attack intruders who want to take their property.

Video Showcase of Far Away Woodland Mansion Seed

Detailed information can be found in the following video.

Notice: You need to use the version 1.1.0 or higher version to enjoy Far Away Woodland Mansion Seed. If you are Android users, feel free to sign up for the beta here.

Seed: 2072006993


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