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Amplified Mountains Seed for Minecraft PE

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Let’s experience a mountainous terrain with Amplified Mountains Seed. When you stand away from spawn, you have a good chance to see many beautiful mountains here. From these mountains, you can touch white clouds in an easy way. Other elegant views that worth seeing are waterfalls, lava and so on.

Created by: Piomex

After you spawn, turn right and walk straight toward your render distance. At this place, you could view many beautiful scenes, especially mountains.

Other views should be listed here, including lava falls, waterfalls, caverns, and epic overhangs. They encourage you to discover immediately. However, there are also a few of monsters. Remember to bring a weapon to defeat these monsters.

Feel wonderful to explore the world around you by choosing the creative mode, which helps you fly around your destination. For instance, it allows you to overlook the sea from a great viewpoint.

Seed: 1674738314


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