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Minecraft PE – Pocket Edition: Tips and Cheats

Minecraft Pocket Edition can be called Minecraft PE for short. To build colossal structures, block by block, or to try to make torches for surviving at night by coal mined, there are some tips which are really useful to let you make the most out of the game, even when you are struggling monsters or just having fun designing and constructing your own 32-bit kingdom. Let’s make it easier and faster in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

How do you use seeds?

When beginning your Minecraft game, besides naming your first world, you also see the “Seed” section labeled. You can see clearly on the screen shoots above. These are simply seed packs you can load if you have specific codes. They make for a nice change if you do not want to work so hard for a pre-made layout. You can search Seeds online and try on your Minecraft what you like. Be sure you use capital letters where they are present. Or, you can watch more details on another  instruction of Minecraftaz.com. There are a lot of seeds introduced in our website.

Start punching trees and create a Crafting Table in Survival Mode

Harvesting wood is the first thing every player wants to do in survival mode. Let’s pick wood blocks up after walking up to trees and punching them many times. The important thing is that you need to look up to punch the entire tree, so you can reach rather high. Overall, you should harvest trees whenever you have them.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Once you’ve harvested a few trees, let’s get started to create one Crafting Table and just one cause they are reusable. There are a plenty of tools you can’t have without Crafting Table. Firstly, you just can create some wooden planks on Crafting Table. Then, the option will appear. It is useful if you follow this instruction. You work on the table first, create a few tools like a wooden axe. You can use them to get some stone, then go back to your Crafting Table and create some stone tools. This will be necessary to harvest coal or important items.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Don’t dig a hole you can’t get out of

This is emphasized you that you should make sure that you are not digging a hole you can’t get out of. Especially, if you don’t have any light of torches and have no sticks. You should notice this points and make sure that you have suitable strategies for your Minecraft pocket edition.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

There are more typical tips and cheats on Minecraft Pocket Edition which we would like to share with you guys more. Please to wait for the next experiences to be shared with you and to improve your Minecraft level as well.

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