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Minecraft Pocket Edition apk free download

MCPE is available for iOS, Android, and Windows 8.1+ devices. The suggested price on the App Store, Google Play is $6.99. You can find codes all over the Internet. These codes can get you a discount on your purchase. Or you can wait till you can get the game for free. The App Store has a different App of the Week each week that is free in just that week. That’s for the Apple App Store. And for the Android, you can download the Minecraft Pocket Edition apk.

How to get Minecraft Pocket Edition Free

Minecraft PE is a game that should need no introduction. Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources and create magnificent feats of architecture or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off scary monsters.

This download is completely legal. You won’t have to pay for this download.

If you’re anything like me, it is completely fine to pay $6.99 for a game that is worth the cost. But despite all the hypes, it might be too risky to pay anything for a game that you aren’t sure whether or not it is all that good, or really suits your style of gaming. Consider this a way to test the game out before you actually buy it, so that you won’t end up paying 7 bucks for waste storage.

All the MCPE apk files below are free downloads so don’t hesitate to press Like, Share or G+1 this post to support us.

 Download the newest version of Minecraft PE here.


  1. Works perfectly

  2. It says this download can harm your device but how?

  3. Download for 0.15.0 took about a half hour. I’m not pleased about that ?

  4. how to upload maps on your website? pls

  5. I was halve way and it stoped
    Im not impressed either

  6. Pls help me

  7. above all thing lot of helpful me

  8. Best website i have ever open in my life!!!!☺??.your the best mcpe box???

  9. Love it
    Dude but it dosent work for me 🙁

  10. how to download this?

  11. kelly dominguez

    Is this a virus or not??

  12. kelly dominguez

    Is this fake or no??

  13. ive wanted to download the latest version for so long.. ive tried many websites but they were all fake and had many ads.. but thanks to you i can play minecraft on servers with my friends.. THANK YOU!!!??

    • Thank you. Share our website to your friends 🙂

    • Samantha Collins

      It’s works perfectly and I’ve been searching so long and this one actually let me install and FINALLY sign into realms!!!!! No other one would let me! THANK YU GUYS I APPRECIATE IT ALOT!!!!!

  14. Rất tuyệt , cám ơn anh nhiều, tôi hi vọng anh hiểu những gì tôi nói… ^^
    ☆ Thank admin ☆

  15. I love dis minecraft

  16. How do I update it after I’ve downloaded it and have had it for a while

  17. Why my ASUS Zenfone C cant run version 0.15.0 and above. Can you fix it? Or you can give me another that I need to do before use it. I was download it successful.

  18. I cant download the 0.15.3 version

  19. Samantha Collins

    This is amazing!!! Please update to 0.15.5 soon!!!

  20. Erm……..can you all tell me how to download.?

  21. Thank you for sharing. When trying to install it shows a “parse error” and does not allow me to install the apk. I already checked the “Allow Apps Installation from Unknown Sources” under settings. How can I fix it?. Thanks!

  22. In the AndroidManifest.xml file inside the apk there’s no android:minSdkVersion. As I’m trying to install the mcpe apk in an Android 4.0 machine I wonder if this may be the source of the problem…

    • Sorry to bump. In fact the mcpe- you post does have a minSdkVersion. It is set to 17. This is the reason the apk does not install in Android 4.0. How can it be solved?

  23. How do you download minecraft pe i jast delete it i want mcpe 0.16.0 pls!!!!!!!!

  24. Mcpe 0.15 is not working on my asus zenfone 5 t00j what i do

    • Badboy, see my comments 2 replies above. Which android version on your zenfone?. In my tablet, with android 4.0, mcpe doesn’t work because of minSdkVersion in mcpe too high. I’m waiting for John Nguyen support.

  25. Work for Asus_T00F??? Everywhere i install MCPE 15.6 its always stop working and not showing anything…

  26. How too download 0.15.0 I have 0.15.90 but I don’t like it because its so hard I want to play capture the flag pls help

  27. Doesn’t working on ipad..it said “unsopported android file apk”
    But the link said its for android,pc,ios,etc.
    Help me

  28. Great website I must say.
    Downloaded and installed 0.15.9 but
    It didn’t even start. I think it is device specific problem so never mind. Also it didn’t give any parse error which is Great. Thanks,

  29. can’t download at all

  30. no man, i’m try in Jellybean Android Device in 640dpi.. i can’t run on my device…

    My Device : OPPO Find Piano with 512MB RAM.

    application was installed, but when i’am start the mcpe it’s force close (repeatly)… -_-

  31. Can’t press the mcpe 0.15.8 link

  32. We are trying to update Minecraft PE 0.16.9 ..but failed..

  33. Version in playstore…?

  34. What is new in this version 0.15.8?

  35. My device: O+ Fab Nova 3G
    I can wait for any replies but not at school days.I am very inventive in minecraft even in minecraft 1.8.8 that i can build engines,surprises,parkour, even the wipeout course i can build.I even built the level 6 balloon in clash of clans in minecraft.even air defenses,cannons,archer towers(that’s really simple: you just have to build a tower.),fireworks too(only works in minecraft 1.8.8 or above).I have many inventions in my life in minecraft.I really want a minecraft pe 0.15.0 above.I’m even a kid,11 years old.a male.I cannot wait forever just to download any minecraft pe 0.15.0

  36. Hi Dude! You are awesome!I always update my mcpe from you!Thanks for your help! I wanna a know that is what the different between 16 beta build 4 and 0.15.8 please anweser!

  37. It doesn’t work. When I open it it shuts down at the very same moment sending me to my homesreen. Does anyone know why this hapens?

  38. So why does this require finding accounts and Google play billing services? From what I know that just means you can bill us and access our accounts. But I still dont understand the way apk copies work so maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m not 😛

  39. Hey is end coming in mcpe 0.17.0

  40. Doesn’t work for iOS 10…pls help me where should I download minecraft the other website

    • To download all these versions few players saying it doesn’t work well few mobil phone require vshare download it when it finish come download it p.s. u need to put it to download in vshare .. how well check videos in youtube that would help..other than that we should thanks all admins that did this

  41. Why it take so long to download

  42. I want 0.15.10 please

  43. thers more download whats the real ummm..comment plz help me….how to download im sow comfuse thers 2 downloads whats real

  44. Where did the link for 0.16.0 go???

  45. Help that is for IOS or for ANDROID and for iPad , i c’an get that game free naver

  46. 0.15.10!

  47. MCPE 0.1 6 official released. Please for download link

  48. 0.16 has been released .. not beta

  49. Last version that support jelly bean?

  50. Bisa buat zenfone c kah bro

  51. help me someone.how to download ???

  52. Easy download and no virus, pefect

  53. Can you update to

  54. When will there be a mcpe 0.17.0 beta

  55. im stuck

  56. Why mcpe version can’t be installed in my android ?

  57. Can I pls download in iOS I really want the new version pls!???

  58. sir the it has a bug can you fixed

  59. Wow, so nice to try it for free, but what about newer versions? When they will be uploaded?

  60. Thank you, now I can install Addons

  61. Where is version 1.0.4

  62. Hayy man. How about the 1.0.4
    Where is it ?

  63. I Love MCPE and really want to play it.

  64. Download latest minecraft apk and minecraft pocket Edition apk