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Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16.2 apk

Mediafire link – Mirro link 1 – Mirro link 2

=> if link died report in comment box below.


  1. It’s says failed to download

  2. When I downloaded it the first time when it finished downloading I could not find the file anywhere. The second time I downloaded It gave me the file. My question does the first failed failed take up space?

  3. Nice page and nice work buddy. Download made so simple

  4. Takes forever to download.. Either my internet or this website…

  5. .16.2.2 It doesnt work.

  6. How do you download it eh I don’t see the download button

  7. You-don't-need-to-know

    Sorry but I rate this 0 out of 5 stars no link I v been looking for for ever and I thought this was a good place to do it but it’s the worst safari cannot respond

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