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Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16.0 apk

Mediafire link => if link died report in comment box below.


  1. Hate is version doesn’t want to work plz fix!!!!:<:<

  2. I was wishing wither in mcpe 0.15.9

  3. Never mine already found it but still doesn’t wanna work why plzzzzzzz fix:<

  4. It died

  5. Hey any 1 got the latest v apk of mcpe with wither if yes plzz share the link

  6. rio keytaro artdiansyab

    Tdk bisa gara gara minecraf ku yg dulu aku ubah setingannya lewat apk editor

  7. The latest version doesn’t work

  8. well i didnt download the 0.16.0 it was fake !

  9. Why the is no ios version 🙁

  10. How to download✌✌✌

  11. Does this version work

  12. wow is nice thank you johnny

  13. Plz we need 0.16.0 plz or we need 0.15.8 and it has to have changing skin so we can pick our own skin plz plz plz or I will die I can’t leave with out minecraft pe

  14. I want mcpe 0.16.0

  15. How the HECK do u download it!

  16. Hey the new v is cool with wither and beacon

  17. Come on guys stop giving johnny a hard time

  18. Ryn Heart Castronuevo

    Great job. I really like the latest update

  19. Please add capes to all of the versions not just 0.15.9

  20. Ugggghhhh it wont workkk plssss let it work let it work cant hold it back anymore ?????? plsssss let me enter on it it always says mcpe stopped

  21. Where’s the link?

  22. Aku Kok gak bisa download yang 16.00.0

  23. Truepuppylover41289

    How do I download MCPE 0.16.0?? It doesn’t work.

  24. The mediafire link died and I can’t install the application correctly. Thanks 😀

  25. I have tried this Minecraft 0.16.0 apk and for some reason, the Minecraft PE won’t work from that apk fe. The 0.15.10 file worms just fine but not this one 🙁 . My Device is I8190/N which has Lollipop Android thanks to custom ROM if you’re wondering what version of Android I’m on and what device I’m using.

  26. Noobs click on the download link Johnny is having a hard time replying to each and every fucking question

  27. It works now. Turns out I needed android marshmallow I guess… Correct me if I’m wrong.

  28. tellme how to download this game??

  29. WHY IS IT BETA????

  30. Minecraft is very very good and it is very good to play

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