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Minecraft PE Seeds

Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE iOS & Android including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

Minecraft PE seed : 1431023779 – Quadruple Village

Today we will bring you something good. Let's talk about this seed we come to a awesome special village the first time we found in Minecraft PE. From the spawn, turn right then will walking to some blocks you will see a sand village is a beginning of quadruple village.

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Minecraft PE seed : 1405190109 – Triple Sand Village

Spawn at the a triple sang village. If you don't look careful you will see this triple village look like a large village. Some houses in this triple village is glitched it make them has been generated on top of each another look like a duplex house...

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Minecraft PE seed : 38620 – Glitched Houses

No need to searching you spawn in the center of the village. In this village have somethings quite interesting with some house have been wrongly generated (Glitched Houses). Also in this village have a blacksmith with 4 apples and 2 obsidians.

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