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Minecraft PE Seeds

Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE iOS & Android including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

Two Mineshafts Filled With Ores Seed for Minecraft PE

You will spawn in a beautiful landscape biome that has the great combination of sand and grass. Start digging down until you find a tunnel. The tunnel belongs to the mineshafts. They combine with each other to make the seed worthy to discover. How to Play Two Mineshafts Filled With Ores Seed? The combination of different mineshafts makes …

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Jungle Islands & Peninsulas Seed for Minecraft PE

This seed offers many beautiful views, especially a variety of jungle islands. Other impressive views are hidden tunnels, caves, etc. How to Play Jungle Islands & Peninsulas Seed The islands come in a wide range of sizes, including both small and big ones. Look at the following image. The island has the medium size, which situates next to …

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Extreme Hills, Mountain Arches & Overhangs Seed for Minecraft PE

After spawning, you will find the fierce terrain near the spawning place. It takes you a short time to move to these terrains. Besides, it is easy for you to see big hills biome, overhangs, lava falls, and some mountain arches here. Let’s discover them now. How to Play Extreme Hills, Mountain Arches & Overhangs Seed It is …

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Low Floating Islands Seed for Minecraft PE

Have you ever seen hovering alien aircrafts? This magical thing appears in Low Floating Islands Seed. This is an impressive floating island you should explore for many reasons. The island is far away from the ground for about some blocks. You can find some deep valleys and low hills surrounding the island. How to play Low Floating Islands …

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Survival Island Village With Blacksmith Seed for Minecraft PE

Are you in the struggle of finding out the abundant resource for your life? Then, this rare seed is a good recommendation. It comes with a blacksmith that offers all you need for your adventure. Discover these items in the next parts of our post. How to Play Survival Island Village With Blacksmith Seed? After spawning on an island, …

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Three Tightly Combined Villages & A Stronghold Seed for Minecraft PE

The place where you spawn is on an ocean’s shore. After setting the creative mode, you can fly over a forest to find the first village. Discover all fabulous features of Three Tightly Combined Villages & A Stronghold Seed now. How to Play Three Tightly Combined Villages & A Stronghold Seed It is easy to find many animals and …

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Simple Survival Islands Seed for Minecraft PE

In the Simple Survival Islands Seed, you will spawn in a big island. Each island has a tree. With most of sands and grass blocks, you can build up a great shelter. However, save the trees because there are not many trees for doing this task. Try to survive on the island and check the time you can …

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8 Diamonds Nearby Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

The place where you spawn is in a taiga biome. There is a small lake in front of the spawning place. Then, turn left and walk ahead for a while. When you find a large cave, walk diagonally. It will lead you to the diamond cave. Once you are in the cave, you should turn left first. After …

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