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Minecraft PE Seeds

Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE iOS & Android including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

Mountain Village & Emeralds Seed for Minecraft PE

The place where you spawn is in front of a small village that is near a mountain wall. Some houses of the village are created in the mountain. How to Play Mountain Village & Emeralds Seed  Look at the following image. Some buildings are created in the mountain, which makes them look like balconies. You will find a blacksmith …

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Epic Overhangs, Lavafalls & Floating Islands Seed for Minecraft PE

You will spawn in a weird place. After crossing the plain biome, you will find many mountains and other interesting terrains such as lava falls and an epic mushroom. How does Epic Overhangs, Lavafalls & Floating Islands Seed work? Because the name of this seed is quite long, you need to check it out at the end of this …

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Lots of Ravines, Villages, Desert Temples & More Seed for Minecraft PE

It’s worth playing this game for many good reasons. The seed is not only easy to understand but also equips tons of fabulous features. There are many things for you to discover, including villages, ravines, dungeons, and desert temples. Read the instructions carefully to know exactly how to play this seed. Creator: TelepathicGrunt Stage 1 This stage starts …

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Huge Ravine Next to Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

The place where you spawn is near a big ravine. There is no difficulty in getting down the ravine. All you need to do is following a waterfall to come there. At the ravine, there are many tunnels that allow you to discover the underground. It provides a plenty of resources for your survival such as diamonds, gold, …

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Triangular Shaped Island Seed for Minecraft PE

The special thing about this seed is an island with the triangular shape. It is the place where you spawn that has a big portion of sand and a small portion of grass. There are many things you can find out on the island such as 4 trees, other impressive stuff, and the entrance to access a cave. …

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Summery Village & Diamonds Seed for Minecraft PE

The place where you spawn is very beautiful thanks to the great combination between flowers and summery meadow. Walk straightly until you see a walking path of the village. After turning left, you need to move toward the village’s center. How to Play Summery Village & Diamonds Seed Once you are in the center of the village, you should …

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Super Rare Village, Epic Mountains & Lavafalls Seed for Minecraft PE

Your first task after spawning is walking diagonally to overcome a savannah biome. Then, climb all savannah mountains you see and remain the same direction. After overcoming the savannah mountain, you can find out a farm. It is the first signal of a village. How does Super Rare Village, Epic Mountains & Lavafalls Seed work? Know how this seed …

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Gold Mines Adventure Seed for Minecraft PE

The jungle is the place where you spawn. A big plus of this seed is that it is located next to your spawning place. All you need to do is walking straightly for a while, turning diagonally on your right and overcoming a river. Take advantage of the food resource such as melons and cocoa beans. They are …

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