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Minecraft PE Seeds

Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE iOS & Android including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

Glitched Surface Mineshaft Seed for Minecraft PE

After spawning, you have a chance to enjoy a glitched surface Mineshaft. It also offers a good opportunity to find out valuable treasures. There are 3 biomes in this seed for you to discover. Creator: Jason Metch How does Glitched Surface Mineshaft Seed work? Once you spawn, you must look for the surface mineshaft that includes 3 biomes. …

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Two Survival Islands, A Dungeon & Mineshaft Seed for Minecraft PE

You will spawn on a flat and small island. This island lies behind another small island. There is only one tree living on the island. Therefore, you should make use of the leaves and wood carefully. It is easy to recognize a small grass plant growing on the island. Dig the ground to find the chests and the …

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kop: Ice Spikes Biome & A Village Seed for Minecraft PE

After spawning, you must walk ahead until you find a village, which is located on a landscape biome. How does kop: Ice Spikes Biome & A Village Seed work? The special feature of this village is an impressive formation of the house. It is easy to recognize that many houses of the village situates on the river. When …

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Two Villages & Blacksmiths Seed for Minecraft PE

Feel confident to start your survival life by many biomes. You can select the most suitable biome to enjoy your game. How to Play Two Villages & Blacksmiths Seed? Look at the behind spawn. There are a mushroom tree and many trees on your spawning island. After passing the spawn, you will come to the first village. Discover the …

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Spider Spawner Close to Spawnrt Seed for Minecraft

You will spawn in a big birch forest, which is near a cave. Once you come into the cave, you must have some torches to light up the dark cave. Place the torches on the walls or the ground. Don’t feel scared by red eyes of a spider. This sign tells you that you are standing near the …

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2 Mob Spawners Under Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

After spawning, you need to turn right and move ahead until you see two blocks. Then, turn right and dig down as the red circle mark of the following picture. How to Play 2 Mob Spawners Under Spawn Seed? Dig down until you find the ceiling of the dungeon. Fall down and discover the dungeon. Remember to wear …

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Double Village (Sand & Normal!) Seed for Minecraft PE

You will spawn in a landscape, which comes with a desert behind and a large sand pile. Besides, there is an entrance leading to a cave. Fly to the tree within a few seconds, and you will see the double village. How to Play Double Village (Sand & Normal!) Seed? Access the chest of the blacksmith to find out …

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(Almost) Surface Dungeon & Multiple Chests Seed for Minecraft PE

This seed has the great combination between two chests and a zombie spawner. It is unchallengeable to find the dungeon. It is near the surface and attractive as well. How to Play (Almost) Surface Dungeon & Multiple Chests Texture Pack? You will spawn in a nice taiga biome. Turn left and you can see a tunnel, which leads to …

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