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Minecraft PE Seeds

Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE iOS & Android including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

Jungle Temple Near Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

As its name suggests, you will spawn in an area of 100 blocks away from a jungle temple. There are two chests containing several emeralds that you can discover in this temple. A largely beautiful forest locates next to the seed. Go ahead and you will see an impressive hills biome. Creator: keithross39 How can we come to …

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Dungeon in Stronghold Seed for Minecraft PE

This seed is very interesting with a dungeon inside a stronghold. You may find it a little bit challengeable to come there. Discover the dungeon. It has a skeleton spawner and two chests. Your responsibility is overcoming these obstacles to come to the end portal room. It promises to bring the fun to you when enjoying this game. …

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Super Flat Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

This is considered as one of the flattest seeds in the Pocket Edition. If you do not want to improve the environment but can grow something, here is the right place for you to visit. You have a good chance to get the support from the available surrounding forests. Creator: NerdyGuy87 Look at the flat appearance of this …

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Mesa Biome & Villages Seed for Minecraft PE

It looks like two separate villages when you use this seed spawns. Therefore, they provide enough food for you in several weeks. Here is also an ideal place for you to discover the natural world with the appearance of a big spawn mesa biome. You have a good chance to find out a huge source of gold. Creator: …

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Floating Monster Spawners Seed for Minecraft PE

This seed (Floating Monster Spawners seed for Minecraft PE) is one of those rare (and extremely weird) seeds which sometimes gets submitted to the website. Not far from spawn you will be able to find two floating monster spawners in a mesa biome. They are literally floating in air above the ground. I have never seen anything like …

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Tallest Mushroom in Minecraft Seed for Minecraft PE

Tallest Mushroom in Minecraft Seed. I’ve been on a lot of adventures throughout my Minecraft years and I honestly thought I had seen most of what there is to see. But this finding definitely makes me question that presumption. This seed (Tallest Mushroom in Minecraft seed for MCPE) features the tallest mushroom I’ve seen. If you’d like to …

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Floating Igloo & Snow Village Seed for Minecraft PE

This seed (Floating Igloo & Snow Village for MCPE) features an unidentified flying object but it’s most likely just an igloo so don’t get your hopes up about aliens in Minecraft just yet. It takes quite a bit of walking to get there but it’s really worth it. And especially so because I will also show you how to …

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Small Village Island Seed for Minecraft PE

This is a seed (Small Village Island Seed for MCPE) which spawns you on an island far out in the ocean. But the thing that’s interesting with this seed is the village island which can be found just 100-150 blocks away from the spawn. The village is located on an island which is separate from the one which you spawn on …

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