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Minecraft PE Seeds

Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE iOS & Android including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

tex – Mesa Biome and Surface Mineshafts

From the spawn if you want come to the mesa biome you just need pass the tree straight in front of you, and go straight ahead to that direction, after a while you will reach to the mesa biome. Also you can find some gold and iron by digging down from the spawn point, they’re closer to bedrock. The …

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extreme – The Jungle Seed

In this seed you spawn in the center of a dense jungle, have a nice river nearby. By digging the spawn and you will find lots of iron and coal. Don't worry, there's no lava below, you're safe. And Remember always digging around two blocks of every ore you has found....

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1139032603: Spawn In Front of a Witch Hut MCPE Seed

spawn in front of a witch hut

The 0.14.0 came with an introduction of Witches, and witches’ stuffs like cauldrons and witch huts, I guess. So it is natural that you would want to come across these Witches at least once. Well, I have a seed that can bring a Witch to your front door, or bring you to the front door of a Witch. …

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-1078523866: Dungeon in a Village MCPE Seed

dungeon in a village

Dungeons are scary space deep underground that gives you a way in but kills you before you can make your way out (at least in theory). On few occasions, you can find these dungeons and explore them if you have the balls to. In this case, there is a dungeon in a village that includes one skeleton monster spawner and one chest. This …

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Minecraft PE Seed: zeropointten – Swamp biome

From the spawn, move straight toward the mountain.. just go to that direction until you see a village, actually a mountain village with a part of the village generated in the mountain. The swamp can be found at the right of the village.  

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Minecraft PE Seed: legend of luuc – Village,Stronghold

This seed you show you an medium village with a blacksmith (good loot) as well as a stronghold under it. From the spawn point, as you can see surrounding area is: plains, mesa, and desert. And just go ahead and soon you will reach to the desert village......

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Minecraft PE Seed: 1408803813 – Ice spikes village

If you're an Minecraft experienced players you will know, ice spikes biome is quite rare in the Minecraft Pocket Edition, and snow village is very very rare because village doesn't generated on snow, except in the border of the other village. But in this seed we will find both of them....

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