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Minecraft PE Seeds

Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE 1.1.3, 1.2 iOS & Android including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

TrophieMoney: Glitched Double Desert Village Seed for Minecraft PE

After you spawn, you need to walk straightly about 30-40 blocks. Then, you will see a double sand village here. Many farms in the village provide a huge source of food for you to survive. Other impressive features of the village include some glitched parts, half-cut buildings, and the blacksmith without any chest. It’s worth discovering this village …

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Almost A Jungle Village Seed for Minecraft PE

  Are you a big fan of vines? Then, you will fall in love with this special village. The village has some houses equipping the vine proof. There is no challenge in getting the village. All you need to do is walking forward and following our instructions. Creator: ipodzgaming After you spawn, you need to turn around and …

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Ocean Monument & Underwater Stronghold Seed for Minecraft PE

  As its name suggests, there are 2 main parts in this seed, including an ocean monument and a stronghold. Both of them are considered as rare structures with the underwater generation. Discover all gorgeous features of the seed as below. Creator: InnovatorGavin_3 How Does Ocean Monument & Underwater Stronghold Seed Work? Do you wonder about the spawning …

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Desert Temple At Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

This seed provides a wonderful place for beginners to enjoy the new Minecraft world. There is a temple here that has many treasures. Go straightly a little bit and you will see many valuable items. Look around the village. You have a good chance to discover a savannah biome, a desert biome, and a jungle biome. Therefore, if …

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Massive Temple (with 34 Gold Ingots) Seed for Minecraft PE

This seed is the combination of three temples, in which two of them appear on the right side of each other. There are thirty gold ingots you can get when opening the chests of three temples. Creator: Dmitri Shkarupa How does Massive Temple (with 34 Gold Ingots) Seed work After spawning, you should come back to the place where …

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 Mashed Triple Village Seed for Minecraft PE

The similarity between these villages is that they are mashed together three times. With the mashed old look, these three villages are located on a small space. Other structures in the triple village include some broken farms and spawned houses on the top of each other. How does Mashed Triple Village Seed work The following image describes the magical …

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Savannah Village & Diamond Horse Armor Seed for Minecraft PE

You have a good opportunity to wear necessary weapons when playing Savannah Village & Diamond Horse Armor Seed. They could be listed here, including diamond horse armor and a horse. Of course, it takes you a short time to find out a horse in savannah biomes. Creator: DarkCreeperBoy How to Play Savannah Village & Diamond Horse Armor Seed …

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Jungle Villages & Surface Dungeon Seed for Minecraft PE

In this seed, you could find out various desert villages located on a part of the jungle. Walk straightly in a few minutes, you will meet a surface dungeon. The dungeon is founded above the ground. Creator: Damasen After you spawn, you should walk in your right side for a while. Then, there is a desert biome in …

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