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Minecraft PE Seeds

Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE iOS & Android including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

Water Jungle Temple Seed for Minecraft PE

With this amazing seed, you will have a good chance to spawn in a big jungle biome. You can also find some hills there. However, the most impressive feature of this seed is that it is created under the water. If you fly, it takes you about 30 seconds to come to the biome. Creator: IAmChickenator How does Water …

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Three Villages & One Temple At Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

Enjoy this amazing seed with three different villages and one temple. Situated closely to the spawn, it is very easy for you to pick up a huge source of loots from the chests of a blacksmith. These items play an essential role in helping you survive in your adventure. It takes you a few minutes to collect these …

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Too Many Temples (And More) Seed for Minecraft PE

In this seed, the spawning place is right next to 3 separate temples. After you have spawned a few minutes, you can find many iron ingots and fifty gold. In addition to the temples, you have a great opportunity to see two witch huts and a village there.  Discover the Too Many Temples (And More) Seed as the …

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Mountain House & Blacksmith Swimming Pool Seed for Minecraft PE

The Mountain House & Blacksmith Swimming Pool Seed is a right choice for people who are looking for the great uniqueness and funnies. The village is not only beautiful with an epic view but also equips an ideal swimming pool on top of a blacksmith. Are you ready to discover this village? Creator: Sibling_Gaming There is no challenge …

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Plenty of Biomes Near Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

Enjoy your perfect survival adventure with the Plenty of Biomes Near Spawn Seed. You will stand on the edge of various biomes once you are spawn. Each biome will open for each direction you tend to go. You can find some elegant views there such as elegant flower plains, a large birch forest and a majestic mountains biome. …

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Two Sand Villages At Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

The idealist place for you to spawn is within 10-20 blocks away from one of two sand villages. These villages are situated very close to your spawning place. One village is a little bit stuck with the generation inside a river, whereas, the other one is located in a plains biome. Each village has a blacksmith. Created by: …

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Amplified Mountains Seed for Minecraft PE

Let’s experience a mountainous terrain with Amplified Mountains Seed. When you stand away from spawn, you have a good chance to see many beautiful mountains here. From these mountains, you can touch white clouds in an easy way. Other elegant views that worth seeing are waterfalls, lava and so on. Created by: Piomex After you spawn, turn right …

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Double Snow Village & Forests Seed for Minecraft PE

With three different villages, Double Snow Village & Forests Seed is located closely to spawn. Two of 3 villages help build up a big snow village. Moreover, there is a plenty of forests here for you to discover. Therefore, it guarantees to supply enough resources for you in your entire life. Start playing this game if you want …

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