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Minecraft PE Seeds

Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE 1.1.3, 1.2 iOS & Android including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

1507532159: Ice Spikes Biome At Spawn

ice spikes biome

With this seed, you will find yourself right next to an ice spikes biome. You will only need to walk over a small river and then you will reach this epic ice spikes biome. It is a huge icy biome with a big area to explore. Once you have spawned, turn to your left and keep walking. Cross …

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Ceeta – Small group of island

The spawn point is one island on group of island. The spawn island is major island with a lots of trees about 20-30 trees. That is eought for building a large base, a great seed for who want survival in the first night....

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AcE – Spawn in Coast Village

The majority of this village in the water, some house in the village located on a small island with wood bridges connect a house to the other. One more things, the well is located on a little hill in the center of village. Pretty cool, right ?

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1909 – Desert Village with Blacksmith

This seed is an desert village seed. From the spawn you will see the village, in this village have a blacksmith with amazing loot, the following items is: 1 Iron Chestplate, 2 Iron Leggings, 2 Iron Boots.....

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118334 – Rare Ores Under Spawn

In this Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0+ seed you will spawn in a plain biome. After spawn, you should mark the spawn point. Under the spawn is an cave system with a lots of rare ores: diamonds, gold, lapis, redstone...

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29300 – 3 Villages close spawn

Have two more village you can found in this seed. From the first village, as you can see the cliff behind the first village, come there you will see some patch of pumpkins, continue that direction and you find another village located in the hills with unique look. At the second village, if you turn right you will …

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btryl – Village Combat Seed

Are you ready for battle? In this seed you spawn close to a village. In this village have an blacksmith with a sword, iron boots and an iron chestplate. With all items above then you have full armor and weapon to battle with all creature....

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lololl – Deep Ocean Bryce Mesa

In the version 0.11.0+ have new type of mesa biome, that is bryce mesa biome. In this seed you will spawn close the bryce mesa biome and a deep ocean. From the spawn, easy to come the bryce mesa biome....

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