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Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE iOS & Android including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

Diamonds & Mineshaft Under Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

When it comes to this seed, you will spawn in a tiny lake of an island that is situated close to big mountains biome. There are many things to discover in the next parts of our post. How does Diamonds & Mineshaft Under Spawn Seed work? What can you find in the deep underground? The top of the tree …

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Messy Double Village With Blacksmiths Seed for Minecraft PE

After spawning, you need to go straightly and overcome a river. Then, climb the small hill until you meet the double village. Creator: mjLincoln3 How does Messy Double Village With Blacksmiths Seed work The village makes impressive by the weird appearance. This is the generation of different farms in the river crossing the village. Besides, many houses are created …

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Cross Ravine & Plains (1.2 Beta Only) Seed for Minecraft PE

There is a cross ravine generated near your spawning place. It is similar to the generation of 2 ravines on this great terrain. The compulsory requirement to play this game is that you must use version 1.2. Creator: sjk210 How to Play Cross Ravine & Plains (1.2 Beta Only) Seed After spawning, you must turn around to meet the …

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4 Rivers Crossing At Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

You will be spawned at a jungle biome, which has the intersection of 4 distinct rivers. Among 4 rivers, one of them flows out a big ocean. The second river concentrates toward a savannah biome, and the third leads to a desert temple. The final river leads to a jungle temple. There are many gorgeous things to discover. …

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Triple Village Spawn (3 Blacksmiths!) Seed for Minecraft PE

Once you spawn, you will see the spawning place is on a triple village. Like other normal villages, the triple village includes a small forest, 3 blacksmiths, and some components of the village are located under the water. How Does Triple Village Spawn (3 Blacksmiths!) Seed Work? Learn how this seed works by looking at the following pictures. This …

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Five Villages Nearby Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

There is no challenge in finding up to 5 villages in Five Villages Nearby Spawn Seed. You can meet important items in the chests of the blacksmiths when discovering 4 of 5 villages. These items are very necessary for your adventure. How to Play Five Villages Nearby Spawn Seed Firstly, turn right, and you will find several Savannah …

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Three Villages & Three Blacksmiths Seed for Minecraft PE

There are three different villages within the limitation of 150 blocks in Three Villages & Three Blacksmiths Seed. It is easy to recognize a blacksmith that contains many loots in each village. Two first villages situated in a desert biome, which is different from other villages in plains biomes. Creator: brittisawesome How does Three Villages & Three Blacksmiths Seed …

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Medium Survival Island Seed for Minecraft PE

This island is a perfect choice for your survival adventure with many great conditions. It provides many necessary things for you to survive, including trees, iron in a tunnel. Everything comes in the medium size. Pay close attention to the overview of the island. The island has not only large space but also many trees for establishing your …

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