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Mods for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Mods iOS & Android will help you change the look and the feel in your game. We update MCPE Mods everyday.

EasyDrops Mod for Minecraft PE

Instead of dropping an entire stack, this mod can drop items and blocks by using an extra button. This mod makes impressive by high simplicity and fresh design. As a result, it’s worth trying in both PC version and Minecraft Pocket Edition. Founded by: SphinxyPE How to Play EasyDrops Mod The first requirement is paying attention to a …

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Danxupe Furniture Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

This mod offers a huge source of 10 furniture to decorate your house. Because Danxupe Furniture Mod (Android) is in the progress, it has still left some limitations. Hope it will have new improvements in the future. As the replacement of original blocks of Minecraft, the furniture blocks bring a new look to your game. Remember not to …

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Magical Staffs Mod for Minecraft PE

The special feature of this mod is that it comes with 9 magical staffs for you to discover. With the particular power, the staffs are responsible for regenerating health and teleporting. They are worth trying for many good reasons. Founded by: ThunderModPE How to Play Magical Staffs Mod The first requirement is creating a staff and keeping it …

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What Am I Looking At (WAILA) Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

If you have ever heard of the famous Java Edition mod, you must be familiar with the ported version What Am I Looking At (WAILA) Mod. What Am I Looking At (WAILA) Mod is a great option for those who are using Android devices. A big convenience is that you can search the IDs and names of the …

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Dungeon Pack Mod for Minecraft PE

With 11 randomly created dungeons, Dungeon Pack Mod offers big treasures for players to explore. However, you have to defeat hostile mobs to get these treasures. Founded by: Wartave How to Play Dungeon Pack Mod Because of random generation, a variety of types of the dungeon will spawn in your Minecraft world. This is the reason why the …

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Handguns Mod for Minecraft PE

You can find important equipment in this game such as ammunition and two handguns. These weapons are very useful in protecting you from any danger, especially the night. Founded by: Homuhomu How to play Handguns Mod In addition to having the necessary equipment, you need to get an extra clip from the inventory. One fact is that reloading …

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Golem World PE Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

The golems in this mod are similar to wolves in Minecraft. With 56 golems, they help protect you in an effective way. These golems come with the powerful strength to prevent you from danger in your adventure. The way we summon new golems looks like spawning an iron golem. However, you need to use a variety of blocks …

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Useful Sponges Mod for Minecraft PE

The main function of Useful Sponges is soaking up the water in an effective way. This feature becomes so efficient when you place down the block. Discover all gorgeous features of the mod now. Founded by: SphinxyPE How to Play Useful Sponges Mod There is nothing easier than cleaning the swimming pool with Useful Sponges Mod. Your task …

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