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Mods for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Mods 1.1.3, 1.2 iOS & Android will help you change the look and the feel in your game. We update MCPE Mods everyday.

Slope Blocks Mod (iOS, Android & Windows 10!) for Minecraft PE

The purpose of this mod is changing 21 square blocks to different shapes such as slant or slope ones. You will find it convenient when working on almost applications like Windows 10, iOS, and Android. This mod is completely suitable for setting up realistic and smooth structures. Founded by: Jimbo_Acob How does Slope Blocks Mod (iOS, Android & …

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The Manipulator Mod for Minecraft PE

Do you want to apply modern technology in your game? Then the Manipulator Mod is a right place to visit. There are 8 amazing items for you to control the world. With these tools, you can freeze time or change effectively the gravity. Discover all gorgeous features of the game. Founded by: KervyDragon How to Play The Manipulator …

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Pocket Puppies Mod for Minecraft PE

For people who want to own lovely pet, the Pocket Puppies Mod is an ideal option. This mod comes with eight cute puppies. Each of them has unique traits but shares the same cuteness. One puppy is covered by the green color, whereas, the other simulates Herobrine with four legs. Founded by: TheLeo09 How to Get a Puppy? …

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Peacy’s Throwable Spawn Eggs Mod for Minecraft PE

When it comes to this mod, you have an important task to throw spawn eggs at the spawn mobs. It is advisable for you to throw spawn eggs at many mobs at the same time rather than throw in specific locations. Founded by: peacestorm How does Peacy’s Throwable Spawn Eggs Mod work? Make use of the creative inventory …

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SmellyOres Mod for Minecraft PE

If you are looking for an effective way to improve your ability to find ores, SmellyOres Mod is a great option. Instead of using a trail of particles, you can smell ores from a close distance. Discover this game now. Founded by: SphinxyPE How does SmellyOres Mod work? There is no difficulty in activating the mod. After opening …

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Tornado Mod for Minecraft PE

With the strong airflow, a tornado has the capability of destroying everything sticking in its way. The simple way to spawn a tornado is using Tornado Mod. Remember not to stand closely to the tornado because it can attack you and damages the terrains. Founded by: ivon852 How does Tornado Mod work? Your first important task is making …

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More Jockeys Mod for Minecraft PE

With 21 new jockeys, More Jockeys Mod promises to make players feel surprised in many aspects. Jockeys here refer to some types of animals like a zombie. The way Jockeys spawn is using spawn eggs. However, it is still an amazing game to discover. Founded by: Dogfrosted How does More Jockeys Mod work? All you need to do …

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Smallest House Mod for Minecraft PE

How can you live in a very small house? Everything is possible with the Smallest House Mod. It is regarded as the smallest house in Minecraft Pocket Edition with only one block. Once you enter the house, you have a good chance to go through an extremely large interior, which is bigger than the house. It makes you …

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