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Maps for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Maps for iOS and Android will help you change game world. We update MCPE maps daily. Easy to install!

Find The Button: School Edition [Minigame] Map

This game inspires the school atmosphere by describing cafeterias, classrooms, etc. It has 10 levels that require you to find a hidden button. Press the button and it helps you move to the next level. There are two options for playing this game. You can play the game in single mode or multiplayer mode. How does Find The …

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Infinite Parkour 2 Edition (500 Jumps) [Parkour] Map

For those who love Infinite Parkour map series, this sequel is a perfect option. It takes about 5-15 minutes to complete playing the map. Stand on some blocks and get special status effects. Try to make use of these blocks to finish the parkour courses. Feel confident to play this map now. It promises to make you happy …

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Sandview Modern House [Creation] Map

There is a seaside house on the seashore that requires you to discover immediately. A tropical forest locates behind this house. It is easy to find a dock when standing ahead of the house. The dock is the place where you place your boat and see the big sea. It is evident that the house equips modern furniture …

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Matt’s Minigolf: Biomes Edition [Minigame] Map

For those who love minigolf, this map is an ideal option. The total courses in this map are 10, which get the inspiration from Minecraft biomes. You can play the game on single mode or multiplayer mode. The responsibility of each player is catching a ball with the minimum of throws. The ball will slide on the carpet …

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The Four Pillars [PvP] Map

The number of players on this map is 4 teams. After spawning, you must come closely to four corners. Then, the player will move to the pillar to get important items. If one team defeats another team, it will become the winner. How does The Four Pillars [PvP] Map work? Founded by: Tyc728, DarkGlade03 Look at these pictures …

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City of Concorde [Creation] Map

As the next part of the Republic of Newland, the City of Concorde promises to offer great surprises to you. It allows the builders to create modern buildings in an average-sized city. This is a good option for building a city with many impressive structures. Let’s discover this city now. How to Play City of Concorde [Creation] Map …

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My First Custom Island [Custom Terrain]

This island is an ideal option for those who are looking for plenty of resources and trees for building up a base. It makes use of Java WorldPainter. After that, it converts to Bedrock Edition. Therefore, you should live on this island for getting enough resources. How does My First Custom Island [Custom Terrain] work? Founded by: MCPE_Map_Maker …

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AutoDeathRun 2 [Minigame] Map

Your task is trying to overcome different obstacles such as falling anvils and firing arrows. Feel confident to play the game in single mode thanks to automatic features. The biggest difference between this map and other maps of Death Run is the automatic working operation. How does AutoDeathRun 2 [Minigame] Map work? Founded by: Gab_The_Crafter Look at these …

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