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Maps for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Maps 1.1.3, 1.2 for iOS and Android will help you change game world. We update MCPE maps daily. Easy to install!

The Perfect Cross [Custom Terrain] Map for Minecraft PE

The Perfect Cross [Custom Terrain] Map brings the feeling of discovering a new world terrain. The terrain is customized to a common world. Some famous places in the game include pyramid deserts, frozen rivers, and a Nether corner of the Overworld. Founded by: Tyler707 Proarcher How to Play The Perfect Cross [Custom Terrain] Map? The list below tells you …

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The White [Parkour] Map for Minecraft PE

This great parkour map is an ideal option for beginners thanks to its high simplicity. There are up to 49 levels in the map. All of them are unchallengeable to complete. Your task during the game is finding out a button, which is in a tiny room surrounded by four white walls. After seeing the button, press it …

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Mini Egg Wars [PvP] ( Only) Map for Minecraft PE

In this map, the responsibility of players is protecting a special egg from hostile teams. The map requires different players to compete with each other, which is a typical feature of PvP. The particular number for players should be from 2 to 8. Founded by: OdOGamer1 How does Mini Egg Wars [PvP] ( Only) Map work? Before starting …

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Guess Who! [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

This map allows two players to enjoy the race. In the game, each person will choose a block and ask the other person about his block by yes or no questions. It takes you some minutes to complete the game. Besides, you must determine different rounds before starting. Founded by: AlxRedHD How does Guess Who! [Minigame] Map work …

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The Islands [Custom Terrain] Map for Minecraft PE

This map is a perfect solution for improving the Minecraft bedrock version. Two of the most impressive features of the map include majestic terrain and various islands. You will feel pleased with the big mountain and other elegant terrains on the main island. Moreover, feel wonderful to explore other attractive terrains and islands. Founded by: ariankhatabi80 How to …

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Ocean Dream Cruise Ship [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

  This is a dream cruise ship with the surprisingly elegant interior and exterior. You can find a wide range of facilities on this ship, including restaurants, lounges, swimming pools, etc. Therefore, it’s worth exploring the ship for many reasons. Founded by: ElectroCreeper The following pictures describe how this map works in details. Is it beautiful? Let’s try …

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10 Redstone Contraptions for Houses Map for Minecraft PE

If you want to add more equipment in your house, you should pay attention to 10 Redstone Contraptions for Houses Map. The map comes with 10 distinct Redstone contraptions, including a mob farm, a shower, and some hidden entrances. These items contribute significantly to your game and help you survive. Discover all of the structures like the following. …

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Tale of Steve: The Perfect Heist [Adventure] Map for Minecraft PE

Simulating an important part of The Tale of Steve, which is called escape, this map attracts most of the curious players. The map is an interesting adventure with many surprising details. Your responsibility is attempting to escape the prison. However, after that, you will recognize you start your new life with the participation of a crime family. Your …

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