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Maps for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Maps for iOS and Android will help you change game world. We update MCPE maps daily. Easy to install!

Herobrine’s Terror (Horror) [Adventure] Map for Minecraft PE

This map brings many horror scenes to you. The place where the map happens is in a scary house. It is extremely suitable for Halloween, in which you have to walk alongside quiet and dark hallways. Therefore, this map is designed for players who are willing to deal with the horrible things. How does Herobrine’s Terror (Horror) [Adventure] …

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SG Dreaming (Part 3) (Horror) [Adventure] Map for Minecraft PE

If you are familiar with the Dreaming horror map, you will easily fall in love with this game. It is the final part of the Dreaming horror map, in which you are captured in the recovery facility or underground bunker. Try to escape from these places. With many scares, it guarantees to make you feel pleased in many …

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Peaceland Origins – Quinquennium Edition [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

Established on 8th November 2012, New Liberty City is a pride of the Republic of Peaceland. The founders of this city are also the creators of the State of Democratia. With a wide range of gorgeous features, it guarantees to make you relax in your free time. How does Peaceland Origins work? Differentiating from other games, the creator …

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Massive Kit-PvP [PvP] Map for Minecraft PE

What can you find on this map? The map includes a variety of custom terrains and arenas, which promise to make you feel happy in many aspects. Feel excited to enjoy 4 kits that come with both advantages and disadvantages. These kits are powerful enough to make a fair competition. Another impressive feature of the map is the …

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SG The Grid [Parkour] Map for Minecraft PE

Are you looking for a great parkour map? Then, you should pay attention to SG The Grid [Parkour] Map. It comes with 100 levels, which are well-designed and funny. Therefore, let’s give this map a try now. Founded by: SkyGames How to Play SG The Grid [Parkour] Map? In addition to the parkour, you have a great opportunity to …

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Halloween Land [Adventure] Map for Minecraft PE

Do you prepare for your upcoming Halloween? Then, wear your boots and start discovering the Halloween Land. It will make you surprised by ghosts, moon, and monsters. This map is ideal for those who want to experience the horrors and other secrets of the Halloween. Founded by: TheF2Pgaming What is The Storyline of This Map? There is a …

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Minigolf Course 1.0 [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

If you like playing golf, you will fall in love with this special golf course. It has 18 holes, which allow both single and multiplayer. All you need to do is keeping a ball in your hand and throwing it at the hole. Therefore, try the game now. Founded by: The_Redstoneer How does Minigolf Course 1.0 [Minigame] Map …

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