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Maps for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Maps for iOS and Android will help you change game world. We update MCPE maps daily. Easy to install!

10 Things You Don’t Know About MCPE 1.2.X [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

In this map, you can see many impressive features, including tricks, particles, and blocks. There is no need of using behavior packs or resource packs; it promises to make you pleased a lot. Founded by: Nziom New Features Check out these following cool features of this game. Video Showcase How to Install 10 Things You Don’t Know About …

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Crazy Wipeout [Parkour] Map for Minecraft PE

This map gets the inspiration from a well-known game show- Wipeout. It requires players to overcome many difficulties. Besides, with interesting automated mechanisms, the game guarantees to make you surprised in many aspects. There are two modes in the game, including the single mode and multiplayer mode. Invite other friends to play the game now. How does Crazy …

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SG The Bridge [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

You can find many similarities between SG The Bridge [Minigame] Map and other Hypixel server games. The task of two teams in this game is crossing the bridge. Then, try to gain a point by jumping into the platform. If there is a team leaves 0 points, it means the game will finish. Founded by: SkyGames Team, including …

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Slendrina: The Cellar – Level #1 (Horror) [Adventure] Map for Minecraft PE

As the first part of a well-known horror map, Slendrina, this map offers many challenges for you to overcome. Slendrina: The Cellar – Level #1 (Horror) [Adventure] Map tells you a story about your scary adventure. Your mission is trying to escape this place by finding 8 helpful books. With custom sounds and textures, it guarantees to bring …

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SG Tic Tac Toe [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

This map is a good idea for multiplayer who love the high simplicity. If you win the map, you can get pretty coins and markers, including Endermen, logos, and clouds. Founded by: SkyGames Team, including FogzGamez, DJTMGaming, Luma, AmazingGamerPH, deadmanplaysMC, FHMiner, InNova How does SG Tic Tac Toe [Minigame] Map work? Wait until there are enough players to …

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Pac-Man (Arcade Game) [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

This map is considered as one of the most popular arcade games nowadays. The creator of this game is a Japanese designer. He published this game in 1980. The Pac-Man makes you impressive by offering ghosts and Pac-Dots. Try to eat as many dots as possible. Founded by: mcpe0717 How does Pac-Man (Arcade Game) [Minigame] Map work? Activate …

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SS Legacy Prisons [PvP] Map for Minecraft PE

You can play this game on the multiplayer server or Realms server. After accessing the starter mine, you can get melon or pumpkins. A pickaxe can be picked from the Custom Crafting Shop. How to Play SS Legacy Prisons [PvP] Map Founded by: Supershiftery Please contact the creator to get more information you need for playing this game. Is …

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