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Maps for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Maps for iOS and Android will help you change game world. We update MCPE maps daily. Easy to install!

 10 Simple House Designs [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

Are you planning to build your own house? Then, 10 Simple House Designs [Creation] Map is a right place for you to visit. With 10 unique designs, this map provides great solutions for building houses with specific materials in each biome. There is no challenge in doing this task. You will get all necessary blocks for creating your …

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Broken Moon (Manipulate Time) [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

The way this map works is similar to the way Dantheshepard13 plays. This man tries to display the moon phases on the night sky. There is no difficulty in doing this task. Remember to press a button in the proper way. It promises to make you surprised by some changes in the sky. Founded by: Dantheshepard13 How does …

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LexerCity [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

It’s worth discovering this city for many good reasons. Although LexerCity is quite small, it comes with excellent architectural designs for you to enjoy. You can find out many big apartments and skyscrapers there. Perhaps you have seen these structures at the first time. Founded by: Lexer_Gaming Recent Developments How to install LexerCity [Creation] Map Follow our steps …

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EckoSoldier’s Let’s Play World [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

EckoSoldier’s Let’s Play World [Creation] Map is a favorite game of many people. The map has a great number of followers in YouTube thanks to amazing features. It also includes a variety of aspects, including servers, add-ons and news. Discover the reason why it is a popular map nowadays in Minecraft. The founder of this game is EckoSoldier. …

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Cars Land (Radiator Springs) (Ported) [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

Have you ever heard about Radiator Springs? Inspired by the movie Cars in 2006, this map has the special location in a mesa biome. After appearing in Minecraft for PC for a time, Cars Land (Radiator Springs) (Ported) [Creation] Map starts entering the Pocket Edition. If you are a big fan of Cars movie, this map is a …

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Dyltroit City [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

In Dyltroit City [Creation] Map, the world becomes bigger with a variety of high structures and skyscrapers. You can find many impressive buildings here such as restaurants and a train station. There are also small towns in the countryside that connects to the city through roads. Discover this impressive city. Founded by: Mrdylanperson Notice: The size of this …

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 30 Animal Home Designs [Creation] ( Only!) Map for Minecraft PE

Have you ever thought about building up house for your lovely furry friends? Everything will happen in 30 Animal Home Designs [Creation] ( Only!) Map. With 30 distinct home designs, this map provides available options for your pigs, dogs, cats, etc. These houses make impressive by simple and cozy design. Founded by: DJKenleyTrack The followings are some elegant …

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Missing Color [Parkour] Map for Minecraft PE

This map happens in a colorless environment, which makes it impressive to all players. The colorless feature of Missing Color [Parkour] Map comes from the influence of an undefined force. Your task is determining the best ways to escape from this situation. Two color options you can see are black and white. However, it is unchallengeable for you …

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