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Maps for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Maps for iOS and Android will help you change game world. We update MCPE maps daily. Easy to install!

Mega Dropper Halloween [Minigame] Map For MCPE 0.12.1

Mega Dropper Halloween

Do you know the popular Mega Dropper map series? Mega Dropper Halloween is a part in this series and detail it’s the fourth map. In this map you will be explored five levels, will have some difficult but if you are good player so overcome it is very easy. It’s nonetheless a great minigame with jaw-dropping levels to …

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Rainbow Road 4.5 [Roller Coaster] Map For MCPE 0.12.1

Rainbow Road 4.5 [Roller Coaster]

Rainbow Road 4.5 [Roller Coaster] Map is the newest map today, total there are 3 versions. Special thing is this map is a very popular roller coaster map you can find it at anywhere or any topic. Since the first release it has grown to become a very long and amazing looking roller coaster. As you can imagine …

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The Nightmare [CTM] Map For MCPE 0.12.1

The Nightmare

The Nightmare [CTM] Map is a nightmare, it’s very hellish. You can sleep but yet you feel very tired. Every time you close your eyes a nightmare flashes before your eyes and you just can’t help but staying awake. Your main mission is collect certain blocks which are needed to complete a monument structure. A nightmare has taken …

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Extreme Herobrine 4 [Adventure] Map For MCPE 0.12.1

Extreme Herobrine 4

Extreme Herobrine 4 really an adventure map, in this map your mission simple is overcome all challenges from easy to hard. Will have many challenges make you feel difficult but please fight for it with all your ability and really focus, never give up you will success. It takes place primarily in the overworld but you need to …

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MindDud 3 PE [Puzzle] Map For MCPE

MindDud 3 PE

Do you know MindDud puzzle Map Series? And do you like it? If you like it so this map is for you. MindDud 3 PE is the third map in the popular MindDud puzzle map series. It consists of 24 brain challenging levels which which might cause your brain to boil at some point. Try to keep cool …

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ActivatedDoor [Puzzle] [Redstone] Map For MCPE 0.12.1


ActivatedDoor Map is a map combine between Puzzle and Redstone and to use this mod a greatest you need download and install PocketPower (Redstone Mod). This is a simple mod, your mission is must overcome five levels of challenges relating to levers, pressure plates and buttons which makes use of redstone power. In each levels you will face with many …

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