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Maps for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Maps for iOS and Android will help you change game world. We update MCPE maps daily. Easy to install!

Desert Dungeon Survival Map for MCPE 0.15.0/0.14.2/0.14.0

desert dungeon

Your quest in this map is to travel to an old desert dungeon and try to get your hands on some precious treasures. You must to walk to the desert dungeon and battle your way through an army of monsters before you can collect the treasures and get away. Challenge yourself through a daunting task and collect your reward. All credit goes …

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Mini SpeedRun – Parkour Modded Map for MCPE 0.15.0

mini speedrun

The Mini SpeedRun Parkour Modded Map is a run-for-your-life type of map which includes several jumping and running challenges that can be known as Parkour in Minecraft. It is a really fun map to play with as there is a timer built into the game. Try to get the best time and then try to beat the best time. Post …

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Kingdom of Fairheaven – Creation Map for MCPE 0.15.0

kingdom of fairheaven

This is the first release of the map Kingdom of Fairheaven but you can bet it is still a development in progress. It was built to become an epic stronghold which should be able to remain intact despite almost any attack. In the middle of the stronghold is a grand church and scattered all over the town lie several houses. …

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Murder Mystery 2: The Mine

murder mystery 2

Murder Mystery is a really fun minigame if you have at least 4 players in the game. Each player will be secretly assigned a role and one of them will be the murderer. The murderer’s objective is to try to kill all other players in the game without being seen. The bystanders’ role is to try to find out …

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Minecraft Trials PE Parkour Map for MCPE 0.15.0/0.14.0

minecraft trials pe

Minecraft Trials PE is a parkour and puzzle map. In each level, you either need to solve a puzzle or perform some kind of parkour acts to continue to the next level. Each level comes with one or two Emerald, so try to catch them all. The Emeralds do nothing in this map, but they are surely nice bonuses. If you …

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Soccer Minigame Map for MCPE 0.15.0, 0.14.2, 0.14.1, 0.14.0

soccer minigame

This soccer minigame map (that is football for everyone not American) is an amazingly clever and absolutely hilarious minigame for every soccer fans out there. Soccer in Minecraft Pocket Edition is quite similar to soccer in real life except that you will be using a villager as the ball (I will end this travesty when a ball-like item is introduced …

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Penta Parkour Map for Minecraft PE

penta parkour

The Penta Parkour is a parkour map of five challenging levels. Because as you all know, Penta means five. If you do not know, then, congratulations, you have just learned something new. The objective in each level is to obtain a key. That key can be obtained by completing certain parkour excercises. The key can then be used to open the …

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The Aether PE – Creation Map for Minecraft PE

aether PE

So how to you understand the Aether? It does not look anything like the thing from Thor: The Dark World, I can assure you that. It is not something that exist in the default game of Minecraft, not yet anyway. With the Aether PE Map, the Aether is the opposite to the Nether. So basically, this is Minecraft …

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