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Maps for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Maps for iOS and Android will help you change game world. We update MCPE maps daily. Easy to install!

SG GenChunk [Survival] Map for Minecraft PE

If you want to enjoy a game with great survival mode, this map is an ideal option. There is an available chunk that requires you to survive as long as possible. The first night in this chunk is very challengeable. Try your best to survive. How to Play SG GenChunk [Survival] Map Founded by: SkyGames Team, including Luma, …

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ARQUE SENSITY [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

This game brings a great happiness to you, in which you have to pass a maze or sideways walls. Various game modes should be listed here, including a runner mode, hardcore mode, and a common mode. There is no difficulty in playing the map. It works automatically by combining Redstone and command blocks. Founded by: M7MoGameR How does …

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Super Villager Bros. (BETA Version) [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

In this map, you will get memorable experience through interesting adventures. There are many hostile mobs that you must defeat in your adventures. Be careful because these mobs are very aggressive. Let’s play the game now. Founded by: Trinity Block How does Super Villager Bros. (BETA Version) [Minigame] Map work? Make use of the walking keys to control …

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Advanced Death Run [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

There are two opposite teams on the map, including the Runners and the Death. It is evident that the Death will be the last survivor in this map. It means if the runners lost 20 lives, the Death will win. After spawning, Runners ma encounters with different checkpoints. Founded by: The AIDAN8R How does Advanced Death Run [Minigame] …

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The Unknown II (Horror) [Adventure] Map for Minecraft PE

The place where this map happens is an old building. Your task is trying to escape as soon as possible. With different mechanics, custom textures and sounds, the map creates a scary atmosphere. Spend your time to play the game, which may take 30-40 minutes to finish. How to Play The Unknown II (Horror) [Adventure] Map Founded by: …

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AM Ballpark (Baseball Stadium) [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

This is an ideal baseball stadium for you to relax in your free time. It offers necessary equipment for your race such as spectator stands, football field, audience types and more. Therefore, it guarantees to bring the realistic feeling of going to the baseball stadium. How does AM Ballpark (Baseball Stadium) [Creation] Map work? Founded by: AncientMariner Is …

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Parkubes (Demo) [Parkour] [Puzzle] Map for Minecraft PE

  During the game, you must try to reach each platform’s end. Therefore, remember to make use of many colored blocks with different effects. In addition to a lives system, the map also has another impressive feature. It offers you 3 lives to overcome different levels. It is easy for you to avoid lagging through a variety of …

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Slendrina: The Cellar – Level #2 (Horror) [Adventure] Map for Minecraft PE

The series of Slendrina horror map guarantee to make you feel pleased in your free time. Slendrina: The Cellar – Level #2 (Horror) [Adventure] Map has been known as the second part of these series, which share many similarities with the first part. Coming with additional sounds and custom textures, the map is a good idea for those …

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