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Maps for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Maps for iOS and Android will help you change game world. We update MCPE maps daily. Easy to install!

PRISON 3.5 [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

A prison is responsible for capturing robbers, cops, roleplays, and other prison escapes. You have a chance to choose one of two teams, villager skins, custom items, and a flexible trading system. There is a variety of places in the prison. They could be listed here, including a yard, jail cellos, and a cafeteria. Founded by: Enderbrine01 How …

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SG Dreaming Part 1 (Horror) [Adventure] Map for Minecraft PE

Horror is what we can describe this map. Although the map is short, it guarantees to make you feel pleased in your free time. Your task is trying to experience easter eggs several times. After waking up in your bed, you will start your adventure. No matter you awake or have a dream, this map provides memorable moments. …

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The Towers [PvP] Map for Minecraft PE

There are two opposing teams in this game. Each of them tries to destroy the base and the glass blocks to become the winner. Founded by: Heer How does The Towers [PvP] Map work? When each team stands in their lobby, they must control the lever effectively. The countdown will begin to open the door. The separation of …

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SG Spleef [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

You can find out automatic power-ups and a map selector in this map. The map is an ideal option for different players thanks to the small arenas and high intensity. The number of players should be 2 to 4. Founded by: SkyGames How does SG Spleef [Minigame] Map work? One fact is that 4 spleef arenas share the …

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All PE Exclusive Features [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

If you are a Minecraft geek, you will fall in love with this creative map. It provides all trivial things you want to enjoy memorable moments of Minecraft. In comparison to original PC game, this map shares many similarities. However, there are still some differences between them. Discover the truth now. Founded by: Allan1905 How does All PE Exclusive …

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MineValley (Farm Simulator) (1.2 Beta Only) [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

Like StarDew and HayDay, MineValley (Farm Simulator) (1.2 Beta Only) [Minigame] Map offers an abundance of resources for your survival, including a water tower, a barn, a house, and many crops. They are very useful in expanding your farm. You can sell your products to get money and use the money for trading other tools. Founded by: Cheete …

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GunCraftZE Vanilla Edition [Survival] Map for Minecraft PE

This map offers all you need to know about behaviors and custom textures. Try your best to defeat the zombies to get awesome perks. Basically, the map works depending on the original version of Call of Duty Zombie. The game will be updated weekly. Founded by: HipmanDesignz How to Play GunCraftZE Vanilla Edition [Survival] Map This map guarantees to …

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Defeat The Concrete PE [Parkour] [CTM] Map for Minecraft PE

With 16 various levels, this parkour map requires you to overcome many challenges. Try your best to complete each level, which depends much on your skills. Besides, a special thing about this map is the existence of a trailer. How wonderful it is! Founded by: SpankyMC Instructions & Rules Trailer How to Install Defeat The Concrete PE [Parkour] …

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