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Maps for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Maps for iOS and Android will help you change game world. We update MCPE maps daily. Easy to install!

Baldi’s Field Trip Minecraft Edition [Minigame] [Adventure] Map

This game gets the inspiration from Baldi’s Basics minigame. Then, you will walk into the forest. It is time when you gather woods and start camping. Try to let the fire happen by using sticks collected from trees. Founded by: BendyTheDemon How does Baldi’s Field Trip Minecraft Edition [Minigame] [Adventure] Map work? As I have mentioned above, your …

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The Mansion 2 (Horror) [Adventure] Map

When you are on the way to travel, you have a problem with your broken down car. Luckily, you see a mansion ahead and think about the help. Founded by: Alex96 King Wither Droid is the remaster of this map. Are you scared by looking at these pictures? Let’s discover this mansion. Main Rules • Avoid cheating, using …

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BattleShip! [Minigame] Map

This map is not only fun but also simple to enjoy with your friends. Two players in the game must fight each other to become the winner. There is nothing difficult here, right? Main Features • The starter will be chosen randomly • The display tells the other player or you hit • The ship placement is instant …

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SG Punch PE: Original [PvP] Map

If you have ever watched the Pitch Out game, you will find out many similar features in SG Punch PE: Original [PvP] Map. The winner will be the last survivor who has to jump continuously and punch other players. It is a great remake of the MineMakers Java Team. Invite other friends to participate in this game now. …

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SG Smack-o-Lanterns (Halloween Event) [Minigame] Map

The most impressive feature of this game is the pumpkin that appears on sky islands. Be careful with these islands because they are dangerous with various holes. The Pumpkin Smasher has the combination between the Pumpkin and the player. His task is protecting the pumpkin from other dangers. How to Play SG Smack-o-Lanterns (Halloween Event) [Minigame] Map Founded by: …

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Emerald Town (Role Play) [Survival] (1.8+ Only) Map

Once spawning, you should complete different quests properly to survive long. The number of quests is 5, which promise to enlarge your farm as well as boost your assets. Try to get 100,000 G of money and 64 iron ingots. Founded by: SlenserP Targets • Get 100,000 G (money) quickly • Obtain 64 diamonds, 64 coal, 64 iron …

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100% Functional CAR [Redstone] Map

This modern car is so useful thanks to the combination between Redstone and command blocks. Your task is using the key and coming close to the car. Start controlling the car by deciding the seat and choosing the Ride button. After assembling the car, you could use the key to start your adventure. It is easy for you …

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SG Halloween Maze [Minigame] Map

Do you want to have a wonderful Halloween? Then, this map is a good idea for you to relax. It takes you 5 to 10 minutes to overcome the maze with different builds here. Let’s enjoy the great experience in this map now. Founded by: SkyGames Team List of Credits There are different credits in this map that …

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