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Maps for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Maps for iOS and Android will help you change game world. We update MCPE maps daily. Easy to install!

LG Invisible Maze [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

Due to black concrete blocks, you will find the change from the light to the black. Try to get out of the maze. If a team finds the way to succeed, it will win. It’s time the game finishes. Founded by: LaserGames Team, including PickJosher, Discord, LUIS6234 of SkyGames Team How does LG Invisible Maze [Minigame] Map work? …

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SG Mexa: Insane [Custom Terrain] Map for Minecraft PE

It is easy to find a variety of worlds in this game, which is suitable for both Java edit tools and Bedrock Edition. In addition to a great insane island, the map also comes with chunk glitches. Try to get all-important things for your adventure. It should be done by accessing the common world that is far from …

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Surgeon Simulator [Puzzle] Map for Minecraft PE

In this map, you have to deal with 8 challenges. Your role is becoming a doctor who tries to kill the patients. It is very important for those who need the treatments on brain and heart. Founded by: DiamondKing567 How does Surgeon Simulator [Puzzle] Map work? This map tells you a story about a doctor who tries to …

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MCgenetic [Adventure] (Addon) Map for Minecraft PE

This is an ideal option for those who are looking for a good custom made addon. In this game, you are sent to a facility that captures a wolf with the changed gene. Make your attempt to capture the wolf because it is very strong and keeps much money. You can find many useful items to finish different …

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SG Zombies 5 (Gun PvE) [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

As the 5th sequel of SG Zombies, this map is not only difficult but also attractive. Say goodbye with lag thanks to the entire code and the guns. The guns are created for the Cloudy Warfare pack, whereas, the code is suitable for redstone and command blocks. With unlock gates, 5 various zones, and difficult waves, it promises …

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Splatoon (Turf Wars) [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

Have you ever watched Bedrock Edition of Splatoon in Minecraft? Then, this map is a great option. The game has the perfect combination between some command blocks and a behavior pack. It allows you to enjoy PvP / turf wars in an effective way. The creator of this game is ChefFranky. You should invite other friends to participate …

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Don’t Jump [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

The rule of this map is never jumping. Therefore, avoid jumping in all situations or you will die. With 10 levels, you have to solve different puzzles. Use a piston to move to the next levels. It takes you about 20 minutes to complete downloading the map. Founded by: BlazeBoyVN How does Don’t Jump [Minigame] Map work? Feel …

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SG Night Mayor [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

This map is a great option for those who want to experience boss battles. Now, step on the green concrete blocks to start playing the game. Try to avoid the attack of TNT blocks. Feel confident to gain your scores. Founded by: SkyGames Team, including Luma, jobetyk, deadmanplaysMC, AmazingGamerPH, InNova, DJTMGaming, FHMiner, LUCKYBLOCK17o How does SG Night Mayor …

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