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Maps for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Maps for iOS and Android will help you change game world. We update MCPE maps daily. Easy to install!

Hotel Escape [Adventure] [Puzzle] Map for Minecraft PE

With a variety of interesting puzzles, Hotel Escape [Adventure] [Puzzle] Map challenges yourself and requires you to escape safely. It promises to make you feel happy by adding obstacles in Minecraft and famous escape rooms. Try to escape 10 rooms within 20 minutes and 2 hours. This depends on your ability. It is a unique map that makes …

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Armor Stand Wave [Redstone] (1.2 Beta Only) Map for Minecraft PE

When it comes to playing this map, you can enjoy the cool armor sets of version 1.2. The armor sets come with a variety of armors. All you need to do is pressing the button, which makes the armor moves toward a wave. Founded by: Jhomes How to Play Armor Stand Wave [Redstone] (1.2 Beta Only) Map There …

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Futuretroplis [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

When it comes to discovering Futuretroplis [Creation] Map, you can enjoy a variety of nice buildings with many surprising views. These buildings are situated in Futuretroplis city, which locates on a plains biome’s border. Two most outstanding parts of each building include interiors and floors. Are you ready to explore the map? Founded by: tpar69 Look at these …

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Super Lava Run [Minigame] [Parkour] Map for Minecraft PE

This is a great map that requires you to overcome the challenge of lava by finishing a variety of parkour jumps. At present, the map has only one stage. However, there are more stages in the future. With the solid design, Super Lava Run [Minigame] [Parkour] Map offers different uses of command blocks. Founded by: RylandPlayzYT How does …

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Sky Levitation [PvP] Map for Minecraft PE

This map has the great combination between levitation and skyblock PvP. Explore a variety of islands to get food, weapons and other important equipment from the chest of each island. A big plus of the map is the temporary levitation effect made from a pressure plate. As you know, levitation effect plays an essential role in helping you …

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10,000 Fireworks [Creation] (1.2 Beta Only) Map for Minecraft PE

This map is a good choice for testing CPU limits/graphics on your smart devices. It works based on the ability to release 18,194 fireworks and the combination of fireworks, dispensers, repeaters, and Redstone. You have to spend only 45 seconds to see these beautiful fireworks displayed on your device. Founded by: Archelous How to Test Your CPU Limits/Graphics …

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Armor Stand Creations [Creation] (1.2 Beta Only) Map for Minecraft PE

This map offers 5 smart ways of using an armor stand. The main task of an armor stand is keeping and displaying wearable things. As a result, you can keep your important gears in the armor stand to avoid forgetting them. Founded by: Generosario How to Play Armor Stand Creations [Creation] (1.2 Beta Only) Map These following pictures tell …

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Welcome To The Tardis [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

If you fall in love with a Doctor Who, you must give Welcome To The Tardis [Creation] Map a try. This map inherits the content of the Doctor Who program, which includes different TARDIS areas and control rooms. Your starting point is at a police box. Now, are you ready to discover the TARDIS? Founded by: MicroJP It …

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