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Maps for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Maps for iOS and Android will help you change game world. We update MCPE maps daily. Easy to install!

Spectrum Studios – Mini-Walls [Minigame] [PvP] Map

Do you like fast-paced actions? Then, this game is the right place to visit. It allows you 4 minutes to collect abundant resources. After the walls start dropping, you can enjoy the game immediately. The maximum players of this game are 4. Founded by: Spectrum Studios How does Spectrum Studios – Mini-Walls [Minigame] [PvP] Map 4 teams in …

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BlackCelestial Survival (Ultra Hardcore) [CTM] [Survival] Map

You have to deal with some challenges when playing this map. With different custom characteristics, the game guarantees to make you relax in your free time. Try to collect different blocks to have special abilities. The number of players in this game should be from 1 to 2. Like skyblock, this game makes use of many customized mobs …

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Resource Pack Review Map (for 1.9) [Creation]

Checking the version 1.9 resource pack is a simple task thanks to this map. New features of the game include mobs, items, and blocks. There is no difficulty in finding each type of the map. It helps you check your resource pack easily. Founded by: mcpexinfo What Could You Find In This Map? • New mobs, items and …

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School and Town [Creation] Map

The original creator of this game is KamTheBamm. Then, it takes me about 50 hours to improve its design. Some features have been changed in this map are: • Many buildings and the school are upgraded with bright lights • You can find dorms in the school • The market is moved • There are a library and …

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SG Mexa: Mesa Jungle [Custom Terrain] [Survival] Map

The first point of this map is that it makes use of different Java tools to convert to Bedrock Edition. These tools present well in WorldEdit. However, you may not find some important resources in this world. Founded by: SkyGames Team List of Crucial Credits There are many credits contributing to the development of this game. Each of …

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Fox Manor (Beta) [Creation] Map

This is a big mansion that comes with many impressive structures. It is easy for you to find out the cinema, gatehouse, pool houses, 40 garages for car, large lawns, etc. Founded by: TheCrazyTitan Pay close attention to these following pictures. They describe a big mansion with lots of lawns and trees. Spend your time walking along the …

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Baldi’s Basics Bedrock Edition (Horror) [Minigame] (1.8+ Only) Map

If you have played Baldi’s Basics, you will find it great to enjoy Baldi’s Basics Bedrock Edition map. It plays an important role in designing your map. Besides, it requires you to complete 7 notebooks and deal with horror views in the game. Founded by: PigmanGamerCXC How does Baldi’s Basics Bedrock Edition (Horror) [Minigame] (1.8+ Only) Map work? …

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Ice PvP [PvP] Map

For those who love moving on the ice surface, this map is an ideal option. Avoid slipping and try to defeat your enemy. A player will be removed out of the game if he falls down the void. Founded by: Capoul Trailer Watch this video to know the rules of this game. It offers all you need to …

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