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Download Minecraft PE 1.17.32 APK Free 2021

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It’s time for the Minecraft 1.17.32 APK update! The team has been working hard on bug fixes and changes. This update fixes some issues that occur during the player’s gameplay. Read all about it below! More Download Minecraft PE version here.

Latest full version:

Minecraft 1.17.32 APK
Minecraft 1.17.32 APK
✅ VersionMinecraft PE 1.17.32 Full
✅ Author Mojang Studios
✅ Size 130 Mb
✅ Lincese Free – Safe – High Speed Download – Verified

A new Minecraft hotfix is now available with several fixes to improve your gameplay experience.

Fixes in Minecraft 1.17.32:

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when navigating the Marketplace sidebar
  • Fixed issues with content not loading, even when connected to the internet (MCPE-102994)
  • Fixed an issue where light blocks would force players to spawn at the surface of the Overworld
  • Fixed the Looting enchantment not being applied when a mob was killed with a projectile (MCPE-141935)
  • Fixed issue causing “Couldn’t pack your world file for upload” error when uploading a world to Realms on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed some chunks being deleted when reentering a flat world and old world with the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle enabled, as well as other world generation issues (MCPE-140428)

Please search for any bugs you find on and let us know what you think at

Before Downloading Minecraft 1.17.32

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Minecraft 1.17.32 APK Download Mediafire

Latest version of MCPE

Latest beta version:


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