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Download Minecraft PE Beta APK for Android

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1.17.20 is an upcoming minor update to Bedrock Edition with no set release date, which will bring additional parity with Java Edition, and fix bugs.

Development phases contain some of the Caves & Cliffs: Part II features through experimental gameplay, which will not be included in the full release but will be part of 1.18.0.

Latest beta version:


Command format


  • respawnblocksexplode
    • Used to prevent beds exploding in the nether and respawn anchor exploding in the overworld.


  • Added new “Respawn Blocks Explode” in the world settings.



GameTest Framework

  • GameTest
    • Added helper method spawnAtLocation(location : Location) : Entity
      • Spawns an entity at the given Location
    • Added helper method walkToLocation(mob : Entity, location : Location, speedModifier : number)
      • Commands an entity to move to the given Location
    • Added method assertCanReachLocation(mob : Entity, location : BlockLocation, bool canReach)
      • Asserts that the given mob can reach the target block location
  • Events
    • Added event
      • Fires before an explosion occurs
    • Added event
      • Fires when an explosion occurs
    • Added event
      • Fires when a block breaks due to an explosion
    • Added event World.event.beforeActivatePiston
      • Fires before a piston is activated
    • Added event World.event.activatePiston
      • Fires when a piston is activated
  • Block
    • Added method getDimension() : Dimension
  • BlockPistonComponent
    • Read-only property attachedBlocks
      • Returns an array containing the BlockLocation of each block attached to the piston
    • Read-only property isMoving
      • Returns true if the piston is expanding or retracting
    • Read-only property isExpanded
      • Returns true if the piston is fully expanded
    • Read-only property isExpanding
      • Returns true if the piston is expanding
    • Read-only property isRetracting
      • Returns true if the piston is retracting
    • Read-only property isRetracted
      • Returns true if the piston is fully retracted


Caves And Cliffs

  • Worlds with the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle enabled are now more likely to have the same default world spawn position as worlds without the experiment using the same seed (MCPE-127708)

Vanilla Parity

  • Monster spawning in the Nether has been changed to more closely match Java Edition (MCPE-65762)
    • There will now be a maximum of 15 to 20 mobs around the player in the Nether, instead of 30 to 40
  • Block interaction “click” sounds are now controlled by the “Blocks” volume slider (MCPE-104983)
  • Swapped toggle sounds for levers so that they are now parity with Java Edition


  • Fixed a bug where the contents of a Shulker Box are deleted when dyeing from the recipe tab (MCPE-131809)
  • Swords now break Bamboo in a single swing (MCPE-64013)
  • Disabled biome tinting for Spruce and Birch Leaves (MCPE-128996)
  • Using a Powder Snow Bucket on a Cauldron filled with Powder Snow no longer creates a new Powder Snow block (MCPE-131177)
  • Using a Water Bucket on a fully filled Cauldron now produces the correct sound (MCPE-131177)
  • Lava Buckets can now be emptied into a Cauldron filled with Lava
  • Cave Vines can now be pollinated by Bees (MCPE-127821)
  • Enchantment Tables now emit light level 7 (MCPE-130868)
  • The falling position of Pointed Dripstone is no longer slightly offset (MCPE-119548)
  • Powder Snow can now be collected with a Dispenser (MCPE-127564)
  • Placing a Sign on Rooted Dirt now correctly opens the text editor (MCPE-129280)
  • Target Blocks now conduct Redstone signals (MCPE-75034)
  • Message/tell commands no longer fail when cheats are not activated (REALMS-7760)
  • Teleporting a mob between dimensions no longer causes the mob to despawn (MCPE-127414)
  • Fixed offhand Shields clipping into players’ arms while in third-person perspective (MCPE-122672)
  • Minecart with Chest will now copy over its chest contents when pick blocked
  • Soul Speed Boots can now be unequipped properly after losing durability (MCPE-106367)
  • Baby Goats no longer have horns (MCPE-123253)
  • Diamond Pickaxes found in Hoglin Stable chests are now enchanted (MCPE-129750)
  • Bubble Columns are now placed properly when loaded with a Structure Block (MCPE-97027)


  • Amethyst walking sounds are now affected by the “Player” audio setting
  • Deepslate walking sounds are now affected by the “Player” audio setting
  • Moss Block walking sounds are now affected by the “Player” audio setting
  • Sounds of moving in/on Powder Snow are now affected by the “Player” audio setting
  • Jumping and landing on blocks have now their sounds affected by the “Player” audio slider
  • Dripstone drip sounds are now affected by the “Block” audio slider
  • Turtle Eggs no longer produce the Bone Meal sound when placed on Sand (MCPE-127189)
  • Big Dripleaf now has a distinct tilt up sound (MCPE-123488)

User Interface

  • The Sign In dialog is no longer shown on a split-screen game to anyone other than the primary player on PlayStation 4
  • A debug string is no longer shown for how to open chat (MCPE-128955).


  • behavior.knockback_roar now has a vertical and horizontal strength value.

Download Minecraft PE BETA APK for Android

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