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Minecraft PE Beta APK (Xbox One/Windows 10/Android)

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The beta version of Minecraft PE was just released today, December 7, 2020. This update brings many changes, such as adding a text-to-speech volume slider, fixing the upgrade path for ‘format_version’ 1.13.0 boats, etc.

We’ll provide details on the modifications to MCPE BETA in this article.

Latest beta version:

MCPE beta apk

MCPE Beta Information


  • Added text-to-speech volume slider
  • Ink Sac from Wandering Trader can now be used for crafting and it can be stacked

Character Creator

  • Emote wheel now supports Screen Reader on Android and iOS devices
  • Split-screen characters are now stored in memory and re-joining the game will keep the character that the player had


  • Fixed upgrade path for ‘format_version’ 1.13.0 boats to be properly upgraded to 1.16.100, which resolves a bug where boats templated worlds with a version lower than 1.16.100 had no gravity


  • Documentation for Bedrock Server Commands has been updated to show the correct commands for permission reloading and listing
  • Teleport command now correctly aligns your rotation with the destination entity
  • Selector argument options can again be seen and auto-completed correctly after specifying one
  • Spawn events now show as suggestions for the ‘/summon’ command
  • ‘SendCommandFeedback’ no longer prevents display of outgoing messages
  • Multiple ‘/tickingarea add’ or ‘/tickingarea remove’ commands performed during the same tick will no longer result in inaccurate messages about the number of ticking areas in use
  • Players can no longer overrun the maximum number of standalone ticking areas in use by adding them all in the same tick
  • Added stop action to the ‘/screenshake’ command
  • Structures can now be deleted from the saved structure list using the new ‘/structure delete <name>’ command


  • Score values on the scoreboard now align on the right of the table

Note before installing the Beta version

  • The beta will replace the current version of MCPE on your device.
  • You will not have access to Realms.
  • You cannot open the worlds played while in Beta using previous versions of the game. So remember to make a copy of the worlds to avoid losing them.
  • The beta will have some bugs and instability
  • Beta does not representative of final version quality
  • The beta is only available on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android (Google Play).
  • To install and experience the Beta version, please uninstall Minecraft on your device.
  • To stop experiencing the Beta version, uninstall Minecraft PE Beta on your device, reinstall MCPE from the store or go back to MCPE Box to download the Release version.

Download Minecraft PE Beta Apk

Latest version of Minecraft

Minecraft Full version:


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