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Minecraft PE commands

Minecraft PE commands

In Minecraft, commands are actions entered by the player which make a certain action occur in the game automatically. In Minecraft PE, commands is a comprehensive with many new commands introduced. Some of them are relatively simple whilst others are a little more complex.

A command which give you a new item called “Ore stick” is one of the latest addings¬†to the mod. Having it, you can tap on any block and see if there are any ores hidden under it.

All Commands

  • /help (introduction of the mod)
  • /heal
  • /orestick (gives you an Ore Stick item which you can tap on the ground with to let you know whatever ores are under that block)
  • /give
  • /info
  • /die
  • /explode
  • /coords
  • /godmode [on/off]
  • /spawn
  • /tp
  • /gamemode [1/0]
  • /gm [1/0] (same as above)
  • /home
  • /sethome
  • /fire
  • /speed [on/off]
  • /id
  • /jump
  • /instamine
  • /smelt
  • /eggs
  • /fly
  • /clear
  • /ci (same as above)
  • /nuke
  • /tree
  • /nr
  • /farm


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