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Minecraft PE commands

Minecraft PE commands

In Minecraft, commands are actions entered by the player which make a certain action occur in the game automatically. In Minecraft PE, commands is a comprehensive with many new commands introduced. Some of them are relatively simple whilst others are a little more complex.

A command which give you a new item called “Ore stick” is one of the latest addings to the mod. Having it, you can tap on any block and see if there are any ores hidden under it.

All Commands

  • /help (introduction of the mod)
  • /heal
  • /orestick (gives you an Ore Stick item which you can tap on the ground with to let you know whatever ores are under that block)
  • /give
  • /info
  • /die
  • /explode
  • /coords
  • /godmode [on/off]
  • /spawn
  • /tp
  • /gamemode [1/0]
  • /gm [1/0] (same as above)
  • /home
  • /sethome
  • /fire
  • /speed [on/off]
  • /id
  • /jump
  • /instamine
  • /smelt
  • /eggs
  • /fly
  • /clear
  • /ci (same as above)
  • /nuke
  • /tree
  • /nr
  • /farm


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