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Minecraft PE 0.13.0 in beta was introduced on 2 November, 2015

Minecraft PE 0.13.0

For those who are interested in Minecraft PE 0.13.0, this is really hot news since the latest update version has hit beta status. Now folks are playable in the beta. But there is another big feature with this beta: it included Redstone Circuits. That means nearly Full Redstone has been added to the game.

Actually, it is not absolutely true to say “Full Redstone” but it is quite close. Currently, many Redstone-based features and items are accessible in the game but some of them are excluded like Pistons. However, players still have much choice in this beta. For Redstone Savvy players, here are what you have approach in the beta: Redstone Wire, Torch, Lamp, Levers, Buttons, Pressure plates, Tripwires, Trapped Chests and Detector Rails.

In addition to Redstone, some other affirmed features and tweaks appear in this Minecraft PE 0.13.0. This dramatic change is making sure the game does not lag to hell and back when Redstone is used with massive quantities. The full changelog for Minecraft PE 0.13.0 is listed below, at least for present with the beta. Before it is actually released, more can be added.

New Features

  • New wooden doors
  •  Cute fluffy crop-eating bunnies

Removed Features

  • Stonecutter (RIP)


  • How to report a bug
  • How to make a backup
  • Redstone can be used to control doors, trapdoors, TNT and rails
  • Faster boats with a different handling
  • Increased item tooltip visibility time (Windows 10 Edition)
  • Stack count labels now use a bigger and more readable font
  • Slimes and Ghasts now actually spawn
  • Hunger restored by food items now match PC
  • Flowers created by using Bone Meal on Grass now depend on the biome
  • Skeletons now run away from Wolves

Some Bug Fixes

  •  Mobs do not suffocate in carpets anymore
  •  Fixed at least as many bugs as we introduced