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WoodEdit (World Edit) (Android) Mod for Minecraft PE

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The players will find this tool great in setting up creations of Minecraft. Remember to use a third-party launcher to apply this mod to Android. With this mod, there is no need of requiring many text commands. You should use wooden tools for editing the world.

Founded by: Jakub

How to Play WoodEdit (World Edit) (Android) Mod

Modify the world by using these following tools.

  • Stick helps you choose cuboids
  • Wooden Shovel helps copy cuboid to the next place
  • Wooden Hoe helps move cuboid to the next place
  • Wooden Axe makes a rotation around an axis
  • Fishing Rod turns a block to another cuboid
  • Wooden Sword supplies air to the cuboid
  • Wooden Pickaxe offers block to the cuboid

Type the following commands to build your structures.

  • /undo: It helps complete the final WoodEdit operation
  • /save [filename]: It turns a cuboid to a local file
  • /load [filename]: Upload local file on clipboard. This helps make rotate/copy operations

Read the instructions below to know how to use WoodEdit.

Use the Stick to tap on the ground. It helps you choose two coordinates.

Next, decide the place for moving or copying the selected location. Copy or move the location by using the tool Wooden Shovel = Copy, Wooden Hoe = Move.

Use the Wooden Axe for axis’s rotation.

Discover other impressive features of this mod by checking here.

How to Install WoodEdit (World Edit) (Android) Mod

The mod works only on Android devices.


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