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Voxelation Mod for Minecraft PE

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Are you looking for a good way to decorate your Minecraft world? Then, you should pay attention to Voxelation Mod. With 17 additional 3D furniture blocks, they guarantee to bring the high resolution to your game. Most of the furniture comes with a cool design, especially tables and the furnace. Because the game is still in the developmental stages, it offers standard features.

Founded by: ThunderModPE

How to Play Voxelation Mod

Learn how to craft new blocks by accessing the creative inventory. Keep reading to find out new recipes on our page. A small minus of these blocks is that you can’t rotate them because they are easily replaced by only one direction.

Look at the following picture. It tells you how cool the 3D furnace is!

List of Recipes and IDs

  • Bin (2100) includes 1 stone and 7 iron ingots
  • Furnace (2101) can smelt 1 furnace within a furnace
  • Bench (2102) can smelt 1 table within a furnace
  • Bird (2103) includes 5 stone blocks
  • Computer (2104) includes 1 Redstone, 1 glass pane, 7 iron blocks
  • Bath (2105) includes 5 quartz blocks
  • Grand Chair (2106) includes 2 oak wood planks and 4 red wool
  • Bar Stool (2107) has 2 quartz blocks, 3 gray wool, 3 cyan stained clay
  • Lamp (2108) includes 1 glowstone, 5 white wool, 1 obsidian block
  • Basin (2109) includes 1 iron ingot, 2 stone button, 4 quartz blocks
  • Toilet (2110) includes 1 stone button, 5 quartz blocks
  • Candle (2111) includes 4 cobblestones, 3 white stained clay
  • Printer (2112) includes 1 paper, 1 redstone, 2 iron blocks, 5 stone blocks
  • Wooden Chair (2113) has 6 oak wood planks
  • Stone Chair (2114) has 6 stone blocks
  • Wooden Table (2115) has 4 oak wood planks
  • Stone Table (2116) has 4 stone blocks



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