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Throwable Explosives Mod for MCPE

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The Throwable Explosives Mod adds explosives that you can throw. 9 of them, to be precised. Think of them as grenade, which means they will probably explode if you do not throw them soon enough. The capacity of the explosion varies between these grenades though. Some of them packs more punch than regular TNT.

All credit goes to Jimbo_Acob

How to throw the Throwable Explosives?

throwable explosives

First off, you will need to craft them, here are the new items introduced with the mod and their crafting recipes:

  • Lightning Dynamite (1000) – 1 normal dynamite + 6 glowstone dust
  • Normal Dynamite (1001) – 1 string + 2 gunpowders + 4 sand blocks
  • Dynamite x5 (1002) – 2 gunpowders + 5 normal dynamite
  • Dynamite x10 (1003) – 1 gunpowder + 2 dynamite x5
  • Dynamite x15 (1004) – 1 gunpowder + 1 dynamite x5 + 1 dynamite x10
  • Dynamite x20 (1005) – 1 gunpowder + 2 dynamite x5
  • Dynamite x40 (1006) – 1 gunpowder + 2 dynamite x20
  • Lightning Dynamite x5 (1007) – 1 lightning dynamite + 4 normal dynamite
  • Lightning Dynamite x10 (1008) – 1 normal dynamite + 2 lightning dynamite x5

throwable explosives

After you got your boom, hold down your finger on your screen to through your dynamite. The dynamite will explode upon impact, so make sure to get some distance on your throw.

There are 9 explosives in this mod, and each one does a different amount damage. As you can see below, one can blow up an entire village.

throwable explosives

The Lightning Dynamites will not cause an explosion, but rather call up a lightning strike.

throwable explosives



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