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The Amazing Lucky Block Mod

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Amazing Lucky Block Mod will add to your Minecraft world a lucky block. And the special thing that other mods haven’t had is when these blocks are broken, they can cause more than 60 different drops. Some drops include custom weapons, gold fountains, a cage of lava, bosses, and mobs. More lucky block mods here.

This can be considered one of the best “lucky block mod” because it adds a lot of drops and never had similar mods.

Creator: MinetasticGamer


How does it work?

To get a lucky block. Use the Toolbox mods to find it in your repository quickly. Put the block on the ground and break the block, wait for the unexpected to happen.

  • Lucky block (205)

Sometimes a golden fountain, iron ingot or coal appears.

But sometimes you won’t be so lucky.

This diamond block certainly looks great but waits for a second or two, and you will no longer be lucky.

At other times, you will be locked in a lava cage. If this happens, you will probably die unless you are playing in creative mode.

As mentioned before, there are 60 different drops, so there are many more that will be discovered in the game!

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Sometimes an amazing weapon drops. These weapons are all new and each have a special effect.

  • Lucky Sword (600) – sets mob on fire, knockback effect
  • Ender Sword (601) – knockback effect
  • Fire Axe (602) – sets mob on fire, knockback effect
  • Air Lance (603) – enables flying (similar to flying in creative mode)
  • End Sword (604) – mob disappears
  • Water Trident (605) – water breathing II, night vision II



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