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Teleportal Mod

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This Teleportal Mod gives you the ability to build unlimited portals, and this will help the distance travelled in your Minecraft become much shorter. With Teleportal Mod, walking in Minecraft PE will become much easier.

For example: Create a deep underground portal where you are exploiting and then set up a second portal on the ground at your home so you can travel between the two places very quickly.

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Creator: Jamie337nichols

Getting Started

To create a portal you will need 16 pieces of any type of solid block (e.g. cobblestone and wooden planks). Place the blocks as seen in the image below.

Tap on the bottom-left or bottom-right corner block with flint & steel to activate the portal.

Go to some other place and create another portal. The choice of block can be any type you want. Then tap on the bottom-right or bottom-left corner with the flint & steel to activate the second portal and the two portals will be connected as a pair.

Whenever you walk through either of the portals you will be teleported to the other.

It is possible to create several synced portals. But you also need an even amount of active portals for them to work. Like, it’s not possible to have just three active portals because then the third one won’t have a portal to be synced with.

YouTube video

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