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Portal Gun (Script)

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This gun mod for Minecraft PE contains scripts that add to your Minecraft a Portal Gun. You can use this gun to create a port in Minecraft PE, and you can quickly teleport around the world.

Portal Gun (Script) for Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Portal Gun (Script) for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Unfortunately for players with iOS and Android devices, this mod only works on Windows 10 Edition v1.12 with Experimental Gameplay Enabled.

You will have exciting entertainment times with Portal Guns. Probably in MCPE version – Bedrock Engine upcoming, this mod will be available for phone and tablet devices.

Portal Gun (Script) for MCPE

Mod Features Portal Gun (Script)

  • Adds a new item that is unique and does not replace anything standard
  • It Has its crafting recipe. The recipe contains cheap resources that can be quickly found in the game world
  • The unique functionality of the JavaScript API allows you to shoot a beam of the portal, which will create a beautiful visual effect on the blocks
  • The script remembers the coordinates of the two portals, and you can move away at an unlimited distance, and it will work in any case.


YouTube video

Crafting Recipe

We’ll need some iron ingots, a bow and Ender’s pearls.


  • Press right click to shoot your portal beams
  • Hold crouch when pressing right click to swap color

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Downloads Portal Gun (Script)



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