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Polar Bears PE Mod for Minecraft PE

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Polar Bears are nice, adorable creatures. Polar Bears mod was a lot of fun on Minecraft PC. And not long after that, Polar Bears PE Mod was introduced on Minecraft Pocket Edition. This is a mod that adds Polar Bears into Minecraft Pocket Edition. Keep in mind that Polar Bears are currently in development and will be officially introduced in Minecraft Pocket Edition in future updates.

Taming a Polar Bear

Polar bears are mobs that spawn in ice spikes and ice plains biomes. You can only tame bear cubs (baby bears). Throw them some bones and they will protect you with their lives.

  • Polar Bear Spawn Egg (2854)

Polar bears can be dangerous though. If you approach a baby bear when there is an adult bear, the adult bear will attack you and can even kill you. Yes. Polar Bears can be over-protective sometimes. Big polar bears are non-hostile if there aren’t any babies around and you’re not provoking them.

polar bears pe mod

To tame a baby Polar Bear, hold a bone in your hand, hold on the bear and press the Tame button to try to tame the cub. Just like taming other animals, if you see some heart particles that means you have successfully tamed the creature. You can then use the bone to make the bear sit and stand just as you would do to a wolf.

polar bears pe mod

Once the baby bear has grown to a big bear, he will protect your with his life. The bear will defend you against monsters, but not against other Polar Bears, so don’t poke the bear. So the mechanic is just like the wolves, but they come in white, and they love snow and ice.

Download link for the Polar Bears PE Mod

Download (Mod)
Download (Texture Pack)

All credit goes to Gona for creating the mod.


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