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PokeCraft Mod (Android Only!) for Minecraft PE

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This mod promises to make players feel happy when enjoying Minecraft Pocket Edition. Designed especially for Minecraft Pocket Edition, PokeCraft Mod (Android Only!) features all basic characteristics of an early beta, including randomly generated structures, release and catch system as well as 20+ Pokémon. If you are a big fan of Pokémon, this mod is an ideal option.

Founded by: RedStudios

How to play PokeCraft Mod (Android Only!)

Firstly, you should download and make use one of the Pokémon player skins. This helps inspire the realistic sensation of playing a Pokémon game.

Let’s calculate the number of Pokémon. Feel great to enjoy up to 20 different Pokémon, which spawn in a variety of biomes all over the world.

Are you ready to catch and spawn Pokémon now?

Pick a poke ball by visiting the creative inventory. After deciding a Pokémon you want to catch, you should long press on the interface and try to catch the Pokémon.

Sometimes, the catch rate is not good enough and you have to try it again. However, don’t worry. Your responsibility is attempting to catch the poke ball.

It is possible for you to catch up to 6 different Pokémon. Thanks to the equipment of a slot system, it allows you to access the mod without any difficulty through using the text chat.

Controlling your Pokémons becomes much easier than ever before by applying these effective commands:

  • r = Release / Return Pokémon
  • s0-5 (e.g. s1) = Select active slot
  • d0-5 (e.g. d3) = Deletes the Pokémon in that slot

We strongly hope that there is a more friendly and efficient interface in the future.

Learn how to catch a Pokémon type by reading the chat below.

Some generated structures include Pokeshops and Pokedex. At this moment, there is no use for these structures, however, hope that they will have improvements soon.

Here are main features of this first beta mod you should take into your consideration when enjoying this game. Other factors could be listed here, including:

  • Poke Centers
  • Battle system
  • The others

If you have any idea about upgrading this mod, leave your comments in the comment box.

List of Item IDs

In addition to the items listed above, PokeCraft Mod (Android Only!) also comes with the following items:

  • Poke Ball (1000)
  • Master Ball (1001)
  • Ultra Ball (1002)
  • Great Ball (1003)
  • Safari Ball (1004)
  • Nest Ball (1010)
  • Dusk Ball (1011)
  • Heal Ball (1012)
  • Quick Ball (1013)
  • Repeat Ball (1014)
  • Net Ball (1005)
  • Lure Ball (1006)
  • Level Ball (1007)
  • Dive Ball (1008)
  • Moon Ball (1009)
  • Friend Ball (1019)
  • Cherish Ball (1020)
  • Love Ball (1021)
  • Park Ball (1022)
  • Sport Ball (1023)
  • Heavy Ball (1024)
  • Timer Ball (1015)
  • Luxury Ball (1016)
  • Premier Ball (1017)
  • Fast Ball (1018)
  • Friend Ball (1019)

How to install PokeCraft Mod (Android Only!)

  • Download resource (.ZIP), the mod (.JS), and one of the texture packs.
  • Take advantage of ES File Explorer for extracting the resource .ZIP file.
  • Make a copy of the PokeCraft-Resource folder and paste it in: /games/com.mojang/minecraftpe/
  • Set up the textures by making use of BlockLauncher.
  • BlockLauncher is effective in setting up the mod file.
  • Restart the mod; activate the old or new world to take full advantages of different mod features.

Download PokeCraft Mod (.JS)

Download Resource (.ZIP)

Download Textures (Associating with Sound)

Download Textures (Lack of Sound)


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