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PokeCraft: Dream (beta)

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This Pokémon Addon is designed to arouse the feeling of adventure and discovery in every trainer. With this addon installed, you can travel in your Minecraft world to search for Pokemon.

addon: @pokecraftdream
developer: @RedStudios_

What’s this?

This is a Minecraft: Bedrock Edition addon that adds pokemon to your Minecraft world.


  • four new entites known as pokemobs have been added to the game. You will find them spawning naturally in your world in certain biomes, and during certain times.
  • travel your Minecraft world with all new pokemon themed music if you choose to download our resource pack that includes it.
  • complete visual redesign of UI.


  • Bulbasaur (#001)
  • Charmander (#004)
  • Squirtle (#007)
  • Pikachu (#025)

Bulbasaur (#001):

  • Spawns during sunrise or sunset.
  • Can be found in most forest biomes.
  • Can be tamed with

Charmander (#004):

  • Spawns during the day.
  • Can be found on mountains and in extreme hills biomes.
  • Can be tamed with

Squirtle (#007):

  • Spawns around midnight.
  • Can be found on beaches and near rivers.
  • Can be tamed with 

Pikachu (#025):

  • Spawns during the day and at night.
  • Can be found in birch and taiga forest biomes.
  • Can be tamed with 

How do I get started?

Global resource pack

Select “Settings” from the main menu.

  • select “Global Resources”.
  • apply “PokeCraft-Dream: Resources”.

Resource pack

  • only apply to new Minecraft worlds
  • apply “PokeCraft-Dream: Resources” while making a new world.

Behavior pack

*only apply to new Minecraft worlds*

  • Apply “PokeCaft-Dream: Behaviors” while making a new world.


  • Added a new pokemob: Pikachu
  • Pokemobs can now be tamed!
  • Pokemobs have spawn eggs to help content creators and players alike!

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