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Pandora Box Mod for Minecraft PE

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The Pandora’s Box is a mysterious and magical box in Greek mythology. Now it has been implemented as the Pandora Box Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition too. When activated, the box can cause many different things to happen. These include flying pigs, diamond fountains, and TNT explosions.

All credit goes to Metamorposis_2

How does it work?

If you know what a Lucky Block is, then this maybe familiar to you, but the Pandora’s Box has a different look and it works a bit differently. After you have enabled the mod you will be able to pick from three different qualities: Bad, Good or Impressive. This is important. You are actually choosing the performance of your device. If you know that your game cannot crash, might as well choose Impressive. If your gameplay is already lagging, you might hope for a lower option than Bad.

The block can be crafted in-game using the following recipe:

  • Pandora’s Box (200) –  4 redstones + 1 obsidian + 4 wood planks

This might feel like a Lucky Block. Once you’ve got the block place it down on the ground and then tap on it with an empty hand to activate it.

pandora box mod

Activating the Pandora’s Box can cause a bunch of different random effects: flying pigs, diamond fountains, TNT explosions, cows with TNTs attached to them and much more!

pandora box mod
pandora box mod

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Download (MediaFire)
Download (Dropbox)


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