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Lucky Gold Blocks Mod

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Lucky Gold Blocks Mod will add to your game world a block named Lucky Gold Block. Of course, it is like other lucky block mods. When you break these golden blocks, there will be cases that occur:

  • If you’re lucky, the block will drop diamonds, gears, and many other great items.
  • If you are unlucky blocks will generate hostile mobs
  • Sometimes the block will generate friendly mobs or structures which you can enter.

Ported by: Tom Bailey
Creator: PlayerInDistress

What types of blocks and items the Lucky Gold Blocks Mod can spawn?

Almost any item and block can be dropped. All are based on a random algorithm.

When you’re lucky, gold, iron, and other valuable items will appear.

Lucky Gold Blocks Mod
Lucky Gold Blocks

Sometimes you will be unlucky and a dangerous mob like zombies will be spawn. Never stand too close!

Sometimes you may be locked up in a cage like this.

Where can I find the Lucky Gold Block and when does it drop what?

Blocks can be found naturally spawned in the world and you can also choose to craft it. To craft it, you will need 4 gold ingots and a dropper.

As the name of the block shows all is about luck. The whole point of the new block is to surprise you with something. What is something depends on how lucky you are.


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