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Dungeon Pack Mod for Minecraft PE

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With 11 randomly created dungeons, Dungeon Pack Mod offers big treasures for players to explore. However, you have to defeat hostile mobs to get these treasures.

Founded by: Wartave

How to Play Dungeon Pack Mod

Because of random generation, a variety of types of the dungeon will spawn in your Minecraft world. This is the reason why the spawning frequency is often high. Besides, there are some structures spawning in special biomes.

Look at the following image. It describes two special structures in this mod, including a floating island and a floating village.

With the giant size, the structure for this mod to spawn is in the overworld. It looks like a big portal of the Nether.

The ice fort includes a skeleton spawner and one chest, which is located in the center.

Without monster spawners, this ice fort looks like a shelter rather than a dungeon.

Settings to Follow

You can access the menu of this game by using the back button. There is a dungeon settings tab appearing when you select the Dungeon button. This button is at the left corner of the display. Some special structures can be disable spawning. One fact is that the spawning rate of some structures is frequent.

Due to global settings, it automatically saves your changes when you start a new world.

You can find more dungeons in the next parts of our page. However, finding all of them is a challengeable task. Try to discover them by yourself.



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