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Doggy Mod

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This dog mod for Minecraft PE adds six different types of dogs to your Minecraft world. It uses dog models like in a popular PC mod called DoggyStyle – Domestic Dog Breeds. However, this mod is much simpler because it only adds mobs without adding any other features to help you interact with the dogs. Although it’s kind of basic, it is worth a try.

Creators: TheGoldVane, Juan Zavala

How does it work?

Open the text chat and type /eggs to obtain six spawn eggs (or use the crafting recipes found further down on this page). Then open your inventory, select the eggs, and then use them (by tapping on the ground) to spawn the dogs.

Look how lovely they are. These mobs have the same characteristics as pigs, and if you exit the world, they won’t be saved. Apart from this omission, it is a great mod for you to try.

IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Chihuahua (645) – 1 bone + 1 egg + 1 sandstone
  • Husky (646) – 1 bone + 1 egg + 1 lapis lazuli block
  • Beagle (647) – 1 bone + 1 egg + 1 stone
  • Weiner (648) – 1 bone + 1 egg + 1 bread
  • Dalmatian (649) – 1 bone + 1 egg + 1 coal block
  • Poodle (650) – 1 bone + 1 egg + 1 redstone block

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How to install?



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