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Ben 10 Mod for Minecraft PE

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With this Ben 10 Mod, you will have more new aliens.It is an upgrade version of Ben 10.It was made by JGmods.It is about transfigured forms of ben and the same monsters in the same comic.Besides that, this mod adds more new items and monster such as Swampfire, Echo, Alien X ,chromastone, Gray matter, Brainstorm

Creator: Electric Games
You can get it by using IDs(500,600,601,602,603,604,605)

Ben 10
Ben 10
Ben 10
Ben 10
Ben 10
Ben 10
Ben 10
Ben 10
Ben 10
Ben 10
Ben 10
Ben 10

Heatblast is fiery superhero, able to shoot fire and set fire to anything. Once you turn into him, you leave fiery traces on the ground, and also your shot creates a big blast and a funnel.

Diamondhead is able to create ice walls around the enemy which completely block it. In addition, this superhero forms ice blocks wherever it looks, but this ability spends a lot of energy.

Gray Matter is very smart and also very agile. He can jump high and run very fast. A charge of energy is enough for a long time. This superhero is useful when it’s important to reach the goal in a very short time.

Four Arms is the strongest of all and has all the effects at the same time. Your speed, jumps, strength, stamina will always be high, the opponent has no chance.

Ultra-t has an integrated laser sight and gun. The sight will occupy the entire screen, press the button on the right.

Select XLR8 and then you will be able to increase and decrease the speed and the most important thing is to slow down time. Slowing down time works for all living beings. Absolutely everyone will move several times slower after activating this function.

WildMutt speeds up time and everything that’s happening around becomes foggy. Strength, speed and jumps are increased, which makes him one of the most powerful. In order not to turn into him, you can just dress up his suit but the effects will not work.

RipJaws this amphibian is able to swim quickly because water is his element. When you dive into the water, you can monitor your coordinates and use the acceleration button. Click on it and your swimming speed increases several times.

StinkFly is able to become invisible for as long as you want. In addition, there is a transparency mode, turn it on and you can pass through blocks!


YouTube video


Beta v5:

Added new blocks.Battery discharges faster.
New effects and opportunities for mobs.
More information when using features.
There may be failures on the newest versions Minecraft Bedrock (1.2.14, 1.2.20+).
Can not work properly on MCPE 1.6.

Beta v4:

Added new mobs:Arco (flying creature, difficult to be vulnerable).
GhostFreak (primitive but strong).
Added new effects and features in the Omnitrix.
New structures.
Test where you have to fight enemies repelling the waves of mobs.


Download Ben 10 Mod v2 (MCPE 1.0)
Download Ben 10 Mod v3 (MCPE 1.1)
Download Ben 10 Mod v4 (MCPE 1.2)
Download Ben 10 Mod v5 (MCPE 1.2/1.6)


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