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Backpack Mod for Minecraft PE 0.14.0

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This Backpack Mod is a new version mod which is about the backpack in Minecraft PE 0.14.0. They have similar functions chest but the difference is that you can keep them with them, only separated by a backpack will work. This mod provides you 34 different backpacks to the game. There are two types of backpacks. Those are a small backpack (27 slots) and one large backpack (63 slots). Select a backpack in Hotbar and touch the ground to open it and use it. If you killed, backpack will fall on the ground.
You can come back to it and picked it up and it will have all the items that you previously put on that.


Items IDs and Crafting Recipes:

  • Small Backpack – 8 leathers (+ any type of dye if you want a colored pack)
  • Big Backpack – 8 bound leathers (+ any type of dye if you want a colored pack)
  • Bound Leather – 7 strings + 2 leathers
  • Leather – dropped by cows, or place bound leather in a furnace

Author: Eydamos



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